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  1. Got a pair of white/beige leather and suede Achilles Mid for sell.

    From the first or second season, and I don't think they make too many of this model now and definitely not this colour anymore.

    Condtion is 9.9/10, wore them out once for less than 20 mins and never again. Got it from AlohaRag and I did not receieve a box with it, just the dustbag which will be included.

    Collection Privee Sneakers.

    Size: 41 but feels more like CPs 42 cause of the thinner/softer leather.

    Super soft leather. Same CP midsole mould. Lots of life left.


  2. ABC's in China get nothing compared to white foreigners.

    I generally feel bad for ABCs; they are assumed to be the same as everybody else until whoever speaks to them discovers that they can't speak Chinese and looks at them with disgust and disapproval

    this is very true.

    only in hk/singapore of any of those places do you get beezys all over your peen if you're any sort of "X"BCs.

  3. Opening Ceremony High Collar Coat

    Got this from moondoggy! Felt that it wasn't reall my style so up for sale again!

    Slubby uneven linen material outter. Rayon lined.

    Tag says 100% Linen outter and 100% Rayon Line.

    Excellent Fall coat.

    Size: S

    Price: GONE


    pit- 19.6

    shoulder- 18

    sleeve - 25

    length - 32

  4. This one girl hits me back up after we havent spoken since january; complains about love and how she was dumped over the summer. Clearly its a sign she is desperate for some sort of comfort. I wasnt exactly on her top 5 people to talk to back in january. But I figured time heals everything and I look at this situation as a good opportunity for getting dick wetted, I think of it as the injured deer looking to get put out of misery.

    I told her that she should come over this weekend to chill out and watch movie accompanied by drinking 30 dollar bottle of central french wine and she agreed.

    I got the wine choice down pact, but film wise; no clue. Any suggestions on the film to further implicate getting my dick wetted?


    10 char

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