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  1. yeah, i'm referring to dry denim. you're right, i don't need to worry about reattaching the hem, i think. i was just worried that the higher the cut on the pant leg, the larger the opening will be. i'm not trying to wear jncos...

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  2. i was obv joking around abt shrinking myself. i work out and play ball everyday, and i don't consider myself unhealthy in the least. i can wear a 34 just fine but prefer something looser, plus i have shorter legs i guess. in any case, i am just wondering if getting a 33" hemmed to 30" looks weird bc maybe the higher part of the pant leg is wider?

  3. i'm asking bc i usually wear a 35/36 width w/ a 30" length. now, i'm thinking of buying some sugarcanes, and i'll prob get the 38" width to allow shrinkage. unfortunately, these are only avail at 36" length (33" when shrunk), so i'll prob get them hemmed. my question is: will it look ok? will it look like a loose fit bc the opening may look larger bc it's going to be cut higher?

  4. I've got some selvedge denim I'd like to get hemmed. Is this particularly difficult for a tailor? Do I need to give him/her any special instructions? If anyone has anyone recommendations on a good tailor who specializes in this in the NYC area, please let me know. Thanks.

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