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  1. Whilst you're hanging out at places like Brick Lane and Camden, just pick up the fliers that are littering the floor of all the vintage/book stores and stuff, you'll find plenty of stuff from club nights gigs and festivals and shit from just picking up the papers!

    And if you're on Brick Lane, check out Cafe 1001...it's such a cool chill/hang out joint - you can literally smoke one in there too just fine ;)

  2. At the moment I've got lots of vintage on rotation, Karen Walker, a bit of Alice McCall, some Stella McCartney (for adidas), and some Akira Isogawa pieces. Y2K tees, splendid for some basics.

    Denim wise I go levis (I have a couple of pairs of indigo tuff skinnies), nudies and tsubi. I'm looking to expand into ACNE and APC territory, but I've been holding out until I hit Europe in 3 wks.

  3. Tsubi sizing, in my experience vary from pair to pair; but are generally on the small side...They also tend to stretch out massively so get em toight like a toiger. Personally I've had about 4 pairs of tsubis, wore the fuck out of two and got the fuck rid of two...so it depends.

    The denim quality differs too, some of it is sooo thin. I know of a few that've just ripped, mine included, and they hadn't even been worn that much. I killed a couple of pairs though, coz I loved em so much. Personally I think that tsubi is overhyped and overpriced. I don't buy it anymore. But each to their own.

    That's in girls jeans by the way...

  4. Hey kids, I'm going to both the US and Europe in the next couple of months and wondering where APCs are generally cheaper?

    PS im a girl from australia

  5. Thanks guys...!

    Plans have now changed, any reccs for a cheap but central place to stay for 2-3 weeks? I'm not too fussed as long as it's somewhere to sleep and a safe place to stash my stuff while I'm out exploring...

  6. Going to New York city for 2 months and was wondering if anyone had any advice for accommodation or living arrangements? I'm going to be doing a course while I'm over there. Should I rent an apartment for the 2 months, stay at a hostel, try university campuses...? I'm on a budget, what's my best option?

  7. Quote:

    There is very little undiscovered or secret about darlinghurst let me tell you.

    --- Original message by hmaslucy on Mar 5, 2006 11:31 AM

    Too true, I must agree with you on that...!!

    Edited by e s k i on Mar 6, 2006 at 06:44 AM

  8. Hey chrismiss...Sydney is the smallest 'big-town' in the world!! Where are you staying? What kind of stuff are you into? Are you backpacking or not? Backpacker haven is Bondi Beach - cost of living is expensive i.e. going out, eating out, drinking etc. If you want a funky but cheaper alternative go for Glebe. Paddington is a must for shopping, not just Oxford St, but William St and Glenmore Rd (both off Oxford). Explore Surry Hills and Darlinghurst, both have little gems all over the place in terms of cafes, little galleries, design stores, restaurants, boutiques and vintage stores. Same with Bondi, explore other streets besides the main drag. Newtown has plenty of interesting stuff going on all the time too, lots of vintage stores and interesting

    I've superprivate messaged you...!

  9. Regularly, in no particular order:

    Dumbofeather, pass it on






    and occassionally:





    Monster Children


  10. Depends on what your scene is...?

    Anything inner-city westish i.e. Surry Hills, Chippendale, Darlinghurst are pumping full of emerging/struggling/trying up-and-coming everything, lots of little galleries, design studios, little vintages stores and markets and cafes and stuff. Inner west places like Glebe and Balmain are similar. The eastern 'burbs are similar, and depending on your point of view, full of your rich young (or young with the help of the surgeon's knife) things or wanna-be creative types who may or may not simply be girls and boys about the town i.e. Bondi, Paddington, Double Bay and co. Woollahra is nice and quite exclusive, so is Rushcutter's Bay, Pott's Point has lots of cool cafes is another sought after area and they're both just next to King's Cross full of uber trendy, exclusive and more upmarket clubs, pubs and bars alongside the seediest of seedy, being the 'red light' district where your ratty hookers, tramps and homeless druggos walk alongside your moneyed and/or c-list celeb type skanks, tramps and druggos - all part of it's charm!!!

    Hope that helps some...

  11. I'm from Sydney!!

    edited to add: I agree with cheesydude, a lot of the stuff that comes outta Mercedes Australia Fashion week in Sydney is just recycled overseas ideas. Not a heap of originality, but still some nice stuff.

    Edited by e s k i on Aug 11, 2005 at 06:41 AM

  12. I've got:

    1 x faded black lee stove pipes (wear these alll the time)

    1 x black lee supa tubes

    1 x wide leg tsubis (I bash these)

    1 x wide leg industrial wash sass&bide (which i never wear - the first pair of wide leg s&bs I got in the fade nearly white wash I wore to deeeeeeeeeeeath though)

    1 x midwash blue calvin klein skinny legs

    1 x blue kelly bootleg Citizens of Humanity (I bash these too)

    1 x Levis tuff skinny indigo

  13. No particular order:

    The Thrills - Let's Bottle Bohemia

    Athlete - Tourist

    Kanye West - College Dropout

    Eran James - Reviewing the Situation

    Thicke - A Beautiful World

    Thirsty Merc - Thirsty Merc

    The Roots - The Tipping Point

    Wicked Beats Sound System - 4ormation

    Kid Confucius - Kid Confucius

    Ben Folds - Songs for Silverman

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