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  1. Some Information, hope it helps..

    not to burst your bubble, but at the location you're at it's going to be very difficult to get ANY account with Nike.

    i'll break it down for you..

    Nike = No Way, you're far too close to other Urban Elite dealers and i'm sure you don't just want some air maxes, shox, and sprint sisters

    New Balance = you'll be able to get a Tier 2 account, nothing that shoes heads will pay any attention to, but still some cool stuff

    Adidas = they'll give anybody an account

    Vans = GR stuff will be easy, Vault will be near impossible where you are

    Onitsuka Tiger = same as adidas, they'll give almost anybody an account

    hope that helps..

  2. DH normally runs true to fit, except for some of their polos which seem to run a tad bit on the large side. keep in mind they're one of the few brands that make XS, so if you're used to just buying "the smallest one they've got" like i am, sometimes you'll be opting for a S over a XS.

  3. whow!

    haha.. i was looking through my site logs and i noticed a HUGE spike in hits to my store's site from SF and i click on the link and there's this!



    really though, from the discussion so far i can tell that you all know i wasn't actually dissing superfuture as much as i was just trying to punch out a funny description to my post about some random dunks we got into the store.

    and yes, i do post here and read sf often.


    i like how there's some dumbass that tried to tell me that he thought i was hyping up the dunks when all i'm doing is listing new stock that comes into the store like i do every day. i know he found us via Hypebeast cause he posted his comment minutes after we were listed on the front page of Hypebeast. that's irony if i've ever seen it.

    ok ya'll, that made my day.. carry on...

  4. i own multiple pairs of both and they're a similar rise.

    i like my diors better personally, and i like the quality of the denim more.

    and they smell better.

    seriously, dior denim has a smell to it when it's new and on a few pairs that smell has never gone away..

    i know, weird.

    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

  5. both are pretty much impossible to get.

    it's one of those things like "if you have to ask, you're not getting an account"

    even the most exclusive boutiques won't get an account with either BAPE or BBC.

    not for now at least, i'm hearing from people that bape might start opening up accounts in the next year or so. we'll see..

    for now my store just sells all the bape shoes but they're marked up from retail.

    that's as close are you're gonna get if you're in the bay area..

    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

  6. dude, i AM your brother. how could you forget me? i feel offended.

    regardless, i'm into high end denim such as Rogan, Notify, Rag & Bone... clothing such as Trovata, Band Of Outsiders, Nice Collective, etc..

    i'm into really really good food. fine dining, whatever you call it.

    and i like to drink. heavily.


    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

  7. ^seriously though... wait till you see these shoes in person. they're wild as shit.

    they're worth every penny.. it takes a lot of convincing to get a shoe store to sell a shoe that's over 120 dollars, but these are worth it. a lot of work went into the design of these..

    regarding the bape shoes, yeah, we're getting quite a few new ones in every week now..

    even the new chompers that came out in japan on sunday we should have by tomorrow.

    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

  8. these are Rag & Bone Selvedge RB6 jeans..

    28 waist, 30 length.

    they have been worn two times, never washed, they're literally brand new.

    the construction on these jeans are tops, and anybody that's seen these in person knows that they go all out on denim construction..

    these are the most expensive Rag & Bone jeans they sell at the moment, i think i paid almost $300 for them.

    i'm asking $225 for them, shipping included.

    PM me via superfuture or email me:

    kiya @ turfsm . com

    lot's of photos here:







    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

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  9. the crazy thing in sf is that people are walking around the mission wearing blue or red bandanas around their neck. are they crazy or do they just not care that people actually DO get shot for wearing gang colors in this neighborhood. i've been living in the mission for a while, there are actual reports from time to time of people get shot at for wearing a certain color.

    why would you want to increase your chances of catching a bullet in the face?

    www.turfsm.com Turf Shoes

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