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  1. dear diddy

                       this man obviously needs help he just can't stop himself posting. thinks there is some magical way that you can change the forum software just for him. 


    plus there is a denim bro on a rampage, sorry denim pimp. does he know you invented the trash? i wonder how some of these dudes would have coped pre moderation? or when minya would actually tell members to get fucked. fuck off. ban. or when the done thing around here was straight out admin abuse editing user's posts and whatnot. 


    does the denim pimp with the freebay signature, really believe that you are trying to look tough? hard? while you are reasonably trying to answer his concerns, as he is 2 centing in a thread that concerns him not at all, a thread which really is just attention whoring, 'please delete me. you guys can't have me k pop suggestions anymore'.


    i miss don'tcaretoomuchforcrap you can have your jmatsu and his dish it and can't take it. remember when somebody posted his face? whoa meltdown much. westside i always wondered if it was racist of him to post in ebonics? dctmfc that is the og trash poster.


    the interesting thing of the chart on goggle searches is it kinda shows interest in superfuture which indecently is not supertalk went up after the mass banning riots and crackdown,


    i love you diddy you are a great mod, you and cheap were always the real custodians of the trash. i am sorry i left you in minya's shoes especially now that he wears crocs. at least i had jack purcells to step into


                                                                                                                                                your friend always 



  2. never has been an option...blood in blood out or something...thank you for reminding me how much i don't miss answering the same questions over and over again...there was an old poster who changed every post to cleanliness...that was supertalk 3.0 or whatever and a really broken forum software...maybe you could try that.


    or pm minya he might be able to help out.

  3. coil with something smaller. maybe its just the quality of the line work that is throwing it off (or angle of picture)

    fair enough. he used a coil and i am not even sure of the size of needle, i was more wondering how you could tell from a pic, having myself been tattooed with tight and spread needles by tattooers with varying skill and experience.

    i figure they are all part of a larger collection, please excuse the mess that partying and middle age decline has made of my body :D




  4. this is my last working rig...


    a guitar that i have had for ever...


    had a few old friends do something of an intervention this year to get me playing in a band again. i still had the hondo and my pedals in storage but needed to get an amp desperately as the blues jnr i was using at practice sucked arse.

    had my heart set on an orange th30 was going to build a 2 12" with my drummer.

    then i decided i wanted a guitar to replace the teisco with fat single coils and and maple fretboard, i like putting a bright loud guitar into a muddy amp and playing it hard.

    so started checking out getting a 60s nz amp holden jansen or gunn. i have used all three in the past. while you used to be able to pick them up for a few hundy, they have all gone up in price, i ended up getting a marshall jtm 610 for cheaper than i could get a shitty jansen bassman head. the three 10" are kinda cool might add a 2X12 extention later.

    went to the guitar store and tried out a heap of guitars, my favourite regardless of price was a squire tele custom II, the indonesian made squires are great, i predict that these guitars will be like the mid 70s japanese copies and be sought in years to come.


    squire tele custom II

    70s small stone

    90s small clone reissue

    marshall jtm 610 [with a patch cable jumping the parallel loop for a little extra gain]

    sounds kinda like this

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