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  1. coil with something smaller. maybe its just the quality of the line work that is throwing it off (or angle of picture)

    fair enough. he used a coil and i am not even sure of the size of needle, i was more wondering how you could tell from a pic, having myself been tattooed with tight and spread needles by tattooers with varying skill and experience.

    i figure they are all part of a larger collection, please excuse the mess that partying and middle age decline has made of my body :D




  2. this is my last working rig...


    a guitar that i have had for ever...


    had a few old friends do something of an intervention this year to get me playing in a band again. i still had the hondo and my pedals in storage but needed to get an amp desperately as the blues jnr i was using at practice sucked arse.

    had my heart set on an orange th30 was going to build a 2 12" with my drummer.

    then i decided i wanted a guitar to replace the teisco with fat single coils and and maple fretboard, i like putting a bright loud guitar into a muddy amp and playing it hard.

    so started checking out getting a 60s nz amp holden jansen or gunn. i have used all three in the past. while you used to be able to pick them up for a few hundy, they have all gone up in price, i ended up getting a marshall jtm 610 for cheaper than i could get a shitty jansen bassman head. the three 10" are kinda cool might add a 2X12 extention later.

    went to the guitar store and tried out a heap of guitars, my favourite regardless of price was a squire tele custom II, the indonesian made squires are great, i predict that these guitars will be like the mid 70s japanese copies and be sought in years to come.


    squire tele custom II

    70s small stone

    90s small clone reissue

    marshall jtm 610 [with a patch cable jumping the parallel loop for a little extra gain]

    sounds kinda like this

  3. interesting thread with all the drummers talking, and emphasizing the technical aspects.

    i have just started playing guitar again and play mostly post/noise rock. i started playing with metal dudes during the thrash/crossover period i love metal rhythm guitar.

    i am currently obsessed with meshuggah, some of the stuff posted in this thread is interesting to compare as the chugging owes something to meshuggah in the tone, but the more straightforward melodic moments remind of of radio rock, something akin to christian metal in the '80s.

    the tone of the chugging itself is brutal and dry, the first guitars i remember hearing like this was metallica and justice for all, for all of the arguments about the sound of that record, james hetfield made a guitar sound like pieces of polystyrene rubbing together, dry resonant, at a time when the rest of the metal/hardcore world still had guitar tones that owed so much to classic rock.

    please forgive my derail.

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