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  1. Watched it last night. Definitely a darker bond film, which I liked, but the action sequences were shot horribly and I hated the locations they chose for the film. A desert? BORING.

    Yeah. Ice castles are WAY better.

  2. i saw this jacket on ebay. it's way too big for me but it's fucking perfect, horsehide, double-breasted, with the fur collar. anybody know anything similar i can find elsewhere?


    Try the "Jackets hookers wore during WW2" thread. Christ that thing is ugly.

  3. Still looking for one myself...........anyone seen decent shit under $700 lately?

    Seen some OK ones by J. Lindeberg around that range. Really like washed leather. Nullsleep posted this in 'Recent Purchases.' Pretty close to what I'm looking for (although a bit more than I want to spend):


    Already familiar with Black Scissors in case it's suggested...........

  4. Pilsner Urquell, really? I mean I wouldn't touch it in Europe but there are much worse beers like Stella or whatever is hip right now.

    I never had Fat Tire but I always read people getting horny over it.

    My top 5 hated beers:

    - Magic Hat #9 (My hate for this shit has no limits. I hate it more than Hitler, Stalin, and Julia Roberts. If there would be no other beer left on earth I would cut myself with a broken #9 bottle)

    - Blue Moon (I accidentally had my first bm experience when I was 3 years old in Ukraine. By accident I drank some dirty soap water that was used to wash farmers' feet)

    - Miller Lite/Coors Light (I rather drink nail polish remover to get drunk)

    - Zywiec (It was good years ago before they got bought out. Even homeless person in Poland wouldn't drink it)

    - PBR/Rolling Rock/Bud Light/Heineken (Yellow water, my piss has more flavor)

    Honorable mention: every pumpkin, blubbery, peach seasonal shit

    I had Zywiec at a Russian bar in LA. Can't say I was a fan. I do, however, enjoy Blue Moon sometimes, sans a piece of fucking orange of course. Do you not like Belgian whites in general, or just BM?

  5. Following the theme of my post on Fat Tire........This might be fun.........

    Your top 5 most hated beers. Mine:

    1. Heineken: for both cultural and taste-related reasons

    2. Leffe: tastes like a Gingerbread man's asshole

    3. Pilsner Urquell

    4. Coors Light

    5. PBR: I don't care how much it reminds people of college, it's fucking awful.

  6. i drink most beers/ales , lager has too much gas for me with the excpetion of maybe peroni and turborg

    Beer of choice right now is a local scottish beer - innis gunn, its EXTREMELY smokey and definetly an acquired taste

    http://www.innisandgunn.com/ check it out.

    He heh. Tuborg eh? That's like the Pabst Blue Ribbon of Britain/Ireland. Do you guys get Dutch Gold in Scotland? It's the cheapest beer you can buy in Ireland.....€6 for 8 pint cans. Still expensive as hell by American standards.

    I haven't had the oaked in a while, but what I do remember about it is do not cook with it. It was nastily bitter. I shared an '06 double bastard with my friend a month or so ago. It was just past it's prime I think. Still great, just a bit over cellared. I am excited that it's getting released this month, I haven't had a fresh one in a while.
    Stone Arrogant Bastard with a ridiculously good burrito for lunch. Anyone who likes Arrogant Bastard care to share their feelings on Oak Aged and Double Bastard?

    I don't care for Arrogant Bastard much, but I fucking loved the Oaked AB. Had it on tap at their brewery. They were selling 6-packs of it there too.

    what's in the fridge at the moment (always changing):


    Fuck I hate Fat Tire. Can someone please explain why it's pretty much the most famous commercialized micro-brew of all time?

  7. Yeah I don't think wallpaper is going to happen. Paintings are needed and I was thinking about adding some plants as well, probably fake ones though. As far as rugs go I don't have the first clue how to make them work with our stuff.

    Eq3 has some dope rugs......


    Just bought this huge photo from IKEA....shits like 7' wide. Love it. They make quite a few of them in giant sizes. Good way to fill a wall.


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