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  1. englandmj- What Light did you get?

    Its going to be like Christmas in March this week. Got a package from Hinderer, Spyderco, Countycomm and bestbuy (xbox) all scheduled to be here by Friday. Now if only Snody would ship my knife I would be done waiting on stuff for a while...

    Quark MiNi 123, S2 Edition

    Spyderco Pacific Salt is dope but its a big fucking knife for a pocket

  2. @ englandmj7

    Last week I was in the same boat. I needed to get something for all the guys standing up in my wedding. I didnt want to get some traditional shit that no one ever uses like a flask.

    All the guys in my wedding carry knives but none of them are knife nuts so they usually have shitty flea market blades. After doing some research on quality, cheap knives, the Spyderco Tenacious had amazing reviews.

    I ended up coping off ebay from a knife E Shop for 35 shipped each. Even after all the great reviews for a budget knife i was still very skeptical. But when I got them, I was VERY impressed with it. Really solid lock up, Nice G10, etc.

    I would definatly consider one of these if you need to go cheap. I would put this knife up against a lot of $150 knives out there.

    As for lights, pic anything from 4sevens in your price range and you will be happy. end of story on that...

    Thanks. I got a light from 4sevens and bought this Spyderco:


  3. Hello gents,

    Looking to get someone a gift and am hoping for your superior insight on:

    - Best pocket-sized flashlight for $50-75

    - Best Spyderco knife for under $75 (preferably 3" blade)

    Maybe one of these?



    Realize this isn't much money to kop super edc swag, but I'm hoping I can get something decent in this range.

    Guessing I could find alot of this info browsing through the thread, but I've been on Superfuture for a long time and can ask stupid questions?

  4. Kazuo/KZO Seersucker shorts sz 32 ($20 SHIPPED)

    Purchased at Fred Segal Santa Monica. Worn less than 5 times.

    Waist = 32”

    Length = 17” from hip to end


    A Bathing Ape “Classics” pullover sweater sz M ($70 SHIPPED)

    Purchased from the Bathing Ape store in Los Angeles 3 years ago or maybe more. Can’t remember. Worn less than 5 times.

    Pit to pit = 22”

    Length = 27.5”

    Sleeve Length = 25.5”


    RLX Ballistic Nylon Hunting Jacket sz M ($140 SHIPPED)

    This is probably one of my favorite jackets I have every owned. Hate to let it go but I don’t get much of a chance to wear it in LA and it’s getting a little snug on me. Quality is amazing. Thick nylon shell, warm padded lining. Leather tabs on zippers, armpit vents, pockets for shotgun shells, etc. Retailed for around $750. Bought it at the Ralph Lauren store in Palo Alto. Worn less than 20 times.



    Pit to Pit = 21”

    Length = 28.5”

    Sleeve Length = 25.5”

    All Saints Spitalfields Puffer Waistcoat Grey Down Vest sz M ($60 SHIPPED)

    Extremely warm and comfortable. Cotton with down feather filling. Worn once. Looks like a Rick Owens piece without breaking the bank.

    Pit to Pit = 21”

    Length = 27”


    Ralph Lauren Black Safari Jacket sz M ($140 SHIPPED)

    Purchased at the Ralph Lauren store in Palo Alto for $650. Worn less than 5 times. Very high quality, warm jacket with leather detailing on the sides and along the zipper/closure on both sides. Comes with a removable waist belt. Similar to a Belstaff jacket.



    Pit to Pit = 24.5”

    Length = 30”

    Sleeve Length = 26”

    Topman Wool M65 sz M ($60 SHIPPED)

    Worn 5-10 times. Sleek, modern look. Warm thick wool.


    Pit to Pit = 21”

    Length = 30.5”

    Sleeve Length = 26”

    Express MA-1 Jacket ($25 SHIPPED)

    Yes, its Express, but thankfully it doesn’t say it anywhere on the outside of the jacket. It’s a great fitting, good quality MA-1 for a good price. Worn 5-10 times.


    Pit to Pit = 22”

    Length = 25”

    Sleeve Length = 26”

  5. All prices include shipping within the US. PM me with any questions.

    Robert Geller Fencing Jacket Grey Sz 48 ($330 SHIPPED)

    Very rare at this point. Retailed for approx $400. Purchased at Hollywood Trading Co. From S/S 2008. Tags still attached. Been sitting in the back of my closet for two years. 100% cotton. Made in Japan.

    Pit to Pit = 20”

    Length = 26.5”

    Sleeve = 26”


    Robert Geller Friedrich Wilhelm IV T-shirt sz 46 (SOLD)

    Super soft, thick cotton. Probably from S/S 2008. Worn 10 times or so. Made in Japan. 100% cotton.

    Pit to Pit = 20”

    Length = 27”

    Ksubi Superfuture Contest T-Shirt sz L ($35 SHIPPED)

    Won this from the Superfuture Ksubi contest a couple years ago. I think less than 10 people won. Can’t really remember but obviously this isn’t something you’re going to see often. Wore it once so it’s basically brand new.

    Pit to Pit = 22”

    Length = 27”


    Nice Collective Low & Vile T-Shirt sz L (SOLD)

    Retailed for around $85 at Fred Segal. Worn less than 5 times. 100% cotton.

    Pit to Pit = 20.5”

    Length = 26.5”

    Nudie Slim Jim Dry Waxed Black Coated sz 31 x 34 (SOLD)

    Retail around $200. Really nice sheen. Great fit. Worn 5-10 times. Never washed. Have been sitting in my closet for 2 years.

    Nudie Slim Jim Dry Waxed Grey Coated sz 32 x 32 (SOLD)

    Retail around $200. Great fit. Worn 10-15 times. I washed these so they don’t have the coated shine to them anymore but they are a very cool color.

  6. Common Projects Silver Achilles Low sz 43 / 11 US (SOLD)

    Purchased from Active Endeavors for $290 early last year. Worn 15-20 times. Don’t know if they’re still making this model, but these shoes are extremely well made and comfortable. I wear an 11 in Nike, Vans and dress shoes/boots and these fit me perfectly. Comes with original box/bag.

    Outsole = 12”

    Insole = 11 1/2”


    Adidas Samba Classic sz 10.5 US ($20 SHIPPED)

    Worn 10-15 times. Great shape other than small hole in the inner lining where the heel is. Doesn’t affect the comfort or wear of the shoes. Comes with original box.

    Outsole = 12”

    Insole = 11/18”


    Converse Skateboarding CTS Mid Waxed Canvas sz 10 ($30 SHIPPED)

    Purchased at Supreme LA. Worn 5-10 times. Memory foam insole. Extremely comfortable. In original box.

    Outsole = 12 1/8”

    Insole = 11 1/4”


    Nike Dunk Hi Pro SB Black/White sz 11 ($35 SHIPPED)

    Suede/leather. Worn 10 times. In original box.

    Outsole = 12 1/4”

    Insole = 11 1/2”


  7. All prices include shipping within the US. PM me with any questions. Paypal address is [email protected]

    Red Wing 1908 Gentleman Traveler sz 9.5 US Dark Brown (SOLD)

    Paid around $320 from Cultizm. Oil resistant sole. Thick leather upper. The sizing on these is odd. I wear an 11 in Nike, Vans, and most brands and these fit me perfectly. Extremely comfortable. Probably worn them around 20 times but the leather looks brand new.

    Outsole = 12”

    Insole = 11 1/2”


    RM Williams 9.5F Yearling Craftsman Boots B543 in Whiskey ($145 SHIPPED)

    Paid around $300 to custom order from Nungar Trading Co. Yearling leather Craftsmans with sewn welt non-slip composite soles (flat heels). Only worn 10 times or so. Excellent condition and very comfortable. Again, I wear an 11 in Nike, Vans and dress shoes/boots and these fit me perfectly.

    Outsole = 12 1/4”

    Insole = 11 1/4”


    Charles Tyrwhitt Whiskey 2-eyelet Derby Bluchers sz 10 US (SOLD)

    Worn less than 5 times. Excellent shape. Retail for approx $300.

    Outsole = 12 1/8”

    Insole = 11 1/4”


    Charles Tyrwhitt Driving Mocs sz 10 US ($25 SHIPPED)

    Worn 5-10 times. Very comfortable.

    Outsole = 12”

    Insole = 11”



    Sperry Topsider Yellow sz 11 (SOLD)

    Shoes need no introduction. Worn 5-10 times. In original box.

    Outsole = 12 1/8”

    Insole = 11 1/2”


  8. Grasovka has an awful flavor. Use it for toilet cleaning.

    Bison Grass is just a regular vodka with a green highlighter soaked in it. Horrible.

    I'm not sure what's up with the sales in US. The original one was available everywhere in NJ/NY since I moved here in 97. Only recently I had issues finding it. After asking around I found out it's available at pretty much every store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

    Are the two bottles you posted yours, or a Google Images pic? The bottles my dad has that came straight from Poland 7-8 years ago don't have a dark green hue at all. Pretty clear.

  9. for a guy who normally hates vodka, i must say i actually enjoyed this stuff. a polish girl i used to work with brought some to her going away party and i found myself actually sipping on it like a whiskey. good stuff.

    It's perfect for sipping; great flavor. One of the smoothest vodkas I've ever had as well.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342