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  1. >> i'm going to be in new york october 13-16, and i was wondering if anyone knows of any specific events going on in the city that weekend. i'm familiar with nyc, but of course, any recommendations would be great, especially for anything new or clandestine. thanks.

  2. >> i was just in berlin this past june and july, explored a lot of the city, and it was amazing. the areas north/norhwest of alexanderplatz in east berlin have the best of everything, especially prenzlauer berg.

    for shopping, i would hit up alte schonhauser (between and torstrasse and munzstrasse) and munzstrasse. here you will find bestshop, which is awesome, bless, apc, and apartment, among many other great shops. also, i ate at a very good vietnamese restaurant here. u bahn/s bahn stops at rosa-luxemburg platz or weinmeisterstrasse.

    kastanienalle (between torstasse and eberswalder strasse) in the heart of prenzlauer berg has a ton of stuff. supalife kiosk is very cool. u bahn/s bahn stops at rosenthaler platz or eberwalder strasse.

    you absolutely must go to tacheles, the still surviving artist squat colony that started right after the opening of the wall. this place (open gallery/bar/club/living space/community/piece of architecture) was definitely my favorite experience in berlin, and one of the coolest places that i have been to in the world. do not miss. u bahn/s bahn stop oranienburger tor.

    some of the places i have mentioned are listed in the superfuture cities berlin section:


  3. >> Here is the lowdown on chicago neighborhoods:

    Loop: not even a neighborhood. chicago's central business district...basically, the skyline that you see in every pic of the city. if you work here, then proximity to this area is important, but otherwise, boring.

    South Loop: industrial spaces have been transformed into luxury lofts and high rises have gone up all over this area recently. close to the loop with good access to the el transit system. some restaurants, close to the lake, but like the loop, pretty boring.

    Near North/Streeterville/Gold Coast: north of the loop. also close to the loop, but more of the same. lots of chainstore shopping, rainforest cafe, etc. high-priced and full of tourists (michigan avenue is here). one of my best friends lives here and pays $900/month for a studio in a luxury high rise......i have no idea why.

    Lincoln Park: north. very nice housing here. lots of walk-ups and brownstones. clost to the park, the lake, and beaches. this area is a mix of families with $ and the khaki/frat by crowd. very accessible to the el. a lot of restaurants, bars, and shopping, but a lot of it is pretty regular. the bar/clun scene makes me feel like i'm on a college campus. traffic and parking here is terrible.

    Lakeview: north of lincoln park. mix of housing types, and diverse. takes the area around wrigley field, known as wrigleyville, which is pretty frat with lots of sports bars. however, to the east, is the gayest area of the city, Boystown. overall, this neighborhood is diverse and has a good amount of entertainment options.

    Logan Sqaure: northwest of the loop. nice brownstones and cheap rents have made this latino area popular lately. the el blue line makes a couple stops in this neighborhood, giving it good access to downtown and wicker park. lots of food spots, some bars, but no good shops have yet to come into this hood.

    Bucktown: northwest of the loop. used to be a lot like wicker park to the south, but prices have gone way up, and this area is getting way too trying-to-be-trendy for my tastes. lots of teardowns for new faux lofts. lots of restaurants and shopping.

    Wicker Park: i don't who is calling this area the up and coming. you are about 10 years behind. wicker park was cheap, gritty, and getting established in the early 90s, but now it has definitely become the place to eat, shop, and hangout. tons of independent shops, food spots, and bars around the epicenter at milwaukee ave/damen/north ave intersection, and division st between ashland and leavitt. brownstones and victorian homes. el blue line stops at western, damen, and division. this area is hip, but i know a lot of the real artists have moved south to ukrainian village and west to humboldt park for cheaper rents. i spend most of my time here and in the ukrainian/east village.

    Ukrainian Village/East Village: nice housing that is like wicker park. cheaper the farther you get from wicker, and also a little bit isolated from the el in parts. neighborhood eats, bars, and some hip shops, all that have yet to really be invaded by visitors from other hoods.

    Humboldt Park: area to the west of wicker park and ukrainian village. this is the neighborhood that i would look to as a possible area that could become something. a little rough, but there are a lot of nice graystones, close to the huge, nice park, and very cheap. a lot of good, cheap food spots. isolated from the el, but bus lines on every major street.

  4. There's a lot, and it depends what you're into, but here are some of my favorites:


    hejfina (1529 n. milwaukee)

    untitled (1941 w. north ave)

    him (1653 n. damen)

    una mae's (1422 n. milwaukee)

    public I (1923 w. division)

    eurotrash (2136 w. division)

    shane (3657 n. southport)

    jake (3740 n. southport)

    laundre (5205 n. clark)

    belmont army surplus (945 w. belmont)

    diesel (923 n. rush)


    n (2977 n. elston)

    quenchers saloon (2401 n. western ave) >>killer beer selection

    sonotheque (1444 w. chicago ave)

    darkroom (2210 w. chicago ave)

    rainbo club (1150 n. damen)

    phyllis' musical inn (1800 w. division)

    bar 13 (1944 w. division)

    innjoy (2051 w. division)

    cans bar (1640 n. damen)

    subterranean (2011 w. north ave)

    estelle's (2013 w. north ave)

    *the next 4 all have great live music

    empty bottle (1035 n. western ave)

    double door (1572 n. milwaukee)

    metro (3730 n. clark)

    abbey pub (3420 w. grace)

  5. 1. Prada flagship store (NYC)

    2. Amoeba (San Francisco)

    3. Best Shop (Berlin)

    4. Droog & Co. (Amsterdam)

    5. Hejfina (Chicago)

    6. Villians (San Francisco)

    7. Delirium (Frankfurt)

    8. Stussy (NYC)

    9. ZebraClub (Berlin)

    10. Belmont Army Surplus (Chicago)

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