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  1. i headed to 181 orchard today to go to bbs, and instead found a totally new shop called BBlessing. the exterior and the entire interior have been completely redesigned. i saw a lot of stuff by rag & bone and surface to air, and there is a small room in the back that still has some crates full of vinyl. this place must have gone up over night.

    anyone know more?

  2. >> here you go:


    deliriumshop (toengesgasse 38)

    sneakerking (weissfrauenstrasse 2-8)

    azita (munzgasse 10)

    *sneakerking and azita are very close to each other

    moloko (at the corner of kurt schumacher strasse and fahrgasse)

    a cool little cafe/bar

  3. >>some of my favorites

    best shop



    frankfurter allee 89 (friedrichshain)


    wuhlischstrasse 28 (friedrichshain)


    rankestrasse 5 (charlottenburg)

    big brobot

    wuhlischstrasse 27 (friedrichshain)


    kopenicker strasse 1 (kreuzberg)


    kopenicker strasse 195a (kreuzberg)

  4. wayne,

    i would love to see a map for chicago. i know that at this time there isn't a whole lot of content for a set of chicago maps, but there are a lot of superfuture places that have yet to be reviewed, and i have done my best to contribute reviews when i can. if there is the possibility of getting a chicago map started sometime in the future, i'm looking forward to helping out.

  5. >> cities like new york and san francisco are among the best in the world for restaurants, bars and clubs, shops, art, and culture, but living in these cities comes with a price. what are your top cities to live in for your money (cost of living vs. things to do)?

  6. >> i'm moving to new york in december. i'll be living on rivington between allen and eldridge. i'm very familiar with the superfuture spots in the neighborhood, but i'm looking for advice on some of the essential, more boring things, like the best places for groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, cheap eats, happy hour specials, etc. any tips would be great. thanks.

  7. >> i'm interested in vintage denim, primarily levi's, but really anything that is classic and at the level of quality and craftsmanship as old levi's. i know that there are a ton of posts on this site dealing with denim, but i am still unsure of what everything means when it comes to vintage denim. what exactly should i be asking/looking for (brands, years, etc.), what is the deal with reproductions in the tradition of levi's (i've especially read a lot about certain japanese brands), and where should i be looking (in nyc)?

    i hope all of this makes sense. thanks.

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