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  1. Superawkward

    Haven't really posted on the future in years but i always liked this thread so let me start here. so a few days ago my brother's best friend asks my brother, myself and a few of my friends if we wanted to go to his middle school to help him with his school's winter band concert. After the concert is over, we are all cleaning up and what not and this one girl comes up to me and says "Hi Alvaro! do you remember me? We went to elementary school together!" and i'm thinking "no" and i tell her "i'm sorry i'm really bad with people, so i'm sorry but i don't remember you." She looks kinda bummed but then she turns to my brother and says "i remember you too!" and my brother says "I remember you but I know your husband (then my brother turns to her son and says "your dad") even better! Then my brother proceeds to say "your husband and me were supposed to graduate in the same class but he got held back a year!" ...and elementary school looks devastated!! I'm assuming the son didn't know this information. and i'm just think "oh shit! double whammy awkward!" She excuses herself and leaves but wow we definitely ruined her night. Still have no idea who she was. :/
  2. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    what's up the 'future. haven't signed in, in like years. is it still the same as i remember? what's the flavor of the month right now?
  3. So you are back in your hometown and are experiencing reverse culture shock? been there, it sucks. best advice i could give is just try to move on, as awesome as london was to you, you can't just keep thinking about it. just start the new life in either your tiny hometown or move to bigger and better things but the more you keep thinking about how great it was and how awesome it would be to go back, you will just be holding yourself back.
  4. Wrangler Repro Appreciate Thread

    bump. i've completely fallen out of the denim game the last couple of years. is there anything good out right now in a wrangler repro? (maybe lee too.)
  5. Evisu is still loved!

    damn, i havent signed into the future in years. glad to see you are still representing for the evisu lovers out there brummie!
  6. K-pop Appreciation

    damn.... i've probably shared this a bunch of times but one of my close friends back when i was living is korea is yuri's cousin. still a little salty that i didnt get to meet, then subsequently beat... damn...
  7. 1st World Problems

    i dont know if this is a first world problem, but i HATE grapes with seeds. when i eat grapes i like to gorge myself, like something you can only do in private, the type of eating where if people would see you they would cringe, and children would point and laugh. that being said, if there are seeds you have to go one at a time, and spit out the seeds, ugh. damn it seeds, you're slowing me down!
  8. the current state of superfuture forums: discussion thread.

    damn, how is the future doing? i haven't been posting regularly in years. What's changed? is ozawa still beating dizon? is edmond still going after teenage toes? is +vag rep still going strong? still bringing food and steeze to the victims?
  9. dream thread

    i had a weird dream last night. i dreamed that i was running a restaurant, i was watching over the floor and everytime one of the waitresses brought food to a table, the host would run over pull up their skirts and start to have sex with them. like get in, 2-3 pumps and run back to his station. after a couple of times i went up to him, and yelled at him 'what the fuck are you doing' and what not, and he kinda just brushes me off. then some uppity lady comes up to me and chews me out for letting him do that cause its 'unsanitary' since i never dream about sex this kinda weirded me out.
  10. What are you craving today?

  11. your first bj saved your life

    first one was horrible! all teeth. i even told her "ahh! quit biting my dick" she looked pissed, but i was just saving him.
  12. Pho?!?!?!?!

    what he said. i've had better pho in america than at 24.
  13. Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    hey, to all my cooks /foodies. besides soups (and possibly fried) is there anything else you can do with turkey necks? i went to go pick up my mom from work the other day and she made this hella good turkey neck and garbanzo soup, and the taste kinda haunted me so im wondering there has got to be something else we can throw this into.
  14. Show us your leather

    i saw my dad's wallet the other day and its ragged, so i was thinking about getting him something to replace it, god knows how old that thing is. i came into this thread to try to get some inspiration, and surprisingly nothing screams, 'dad wallet' oh well im gonna keep looking. there is some nicely aged things but not much i think my dad would like.
  15. What are you craving today?

    strawberry, always strawberry. i guess since it's like a diner thing, a patty melt or grilled cheese to accompany it.