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  1. 9 hours ago, lee porter said:

    Nice what weight are these ones 15 or 18 ?

    the 18.  it's weird, these aren't as dense as i thought they would be.  i had a pair of 18 oz denim like 15 years ago and remember them being heavy, these aren't too bad. 

  2. Damn! So I ordered a 2000t petero. I got a 33. The waist is really undersized. They’re probably a legit 30 waist. I’ve put on 15 lbs during quarantine so they’re really tight. About to get my second vaccine so I can start hitting the gym again soon and start putting some work on these! The denim looks great though. 




  3. 13 hours ago, CrashTestBrummie said:


    I've actually just listed some 2000Ts on ebay, same username. Tagged 40 x 32 but actual 34 x 31. If anyone is interested then drop me a message on here! 

    Wait!? The no 1s shrank 6 inches!?


    Any word on the 18oz peteros those are the ones I just ordered and am waiting to arrive. 

  4. 17 hours ago, 1fookntitefd said:

    Wow these are really nice! Do you have measurements for the 2005 that you can share?

    Don’t have a tape measure at the moment, I’ll try to get back to you once I can. 

  5. 19 hours ago, lee porter said:

    Thanks ahlvahroe most appreciated I like the looks of the 2005 what’s the no2 denim like compared to the no1 cheers lee 

    I’ve never owned a no 1, I’ve only handled them while In the shop so not 100% sure. Sorry I can’t help there 

  6. 15 hours ago, lee porter said:

    I’ve had the no1 tiger and the no1 red was looking at the no2 red and the no2 cimosa indaco how do they compare is it worth paying more for the no1 I’ve only had the 2000t fit was going to try the 2000 or the 2005 any advice appreciated I like the way evisu have a bit more room in the thighs and was looking for a more relaxed fit that the 2000t cheers lee 

    Digging in the archives but I got you. 

    picture in front of the castle is in 2017. Wearing a 2000 no 2. Higher rise. Pretty true straight leg. Got them in a 30. 

    picture in the purple shirt is in 2010 actually at the evisu store in Osaka. 
    2005 no 2. I was chubbier then, so size 33. Kinda roomy in the thigh but an aggressive taper at the bottom. Real dad type of jeans. Zipper fly. The denim itself was very nice! Amazingly soft after a year of wear. 

    hope this helps a little. 



  7. On 1/16/2020 at 6:01 PM, rockon99 said:

    Eviso Petero 18 (EGD2000TH001) Size 35

    Measurements in inches

    Waist - 34.6 
    Front Rise - 11.4
    Upper Thigh - 12.8
    Inseam - 32.7
    Hem - 7.1
    Rear Rise - ?

    Waist - 34
    Front Rise - 11.2
    Upper Thigh - 12
    Inseam - 31.5
    Hem - 6.9
    Rear Rise - 14.8

    I hot washed these at a laundromat, but it looks like they could absolutely shrink more. A little puzzling. I did also walk in them about 5 miles while they were still slightly damp, so I'm sure that contributes somewhat. Anyway, the laundromat has front loading machines, but my washer (currently out of service) is a top loading machine. I theorize that they weren't in contact with hot water for long enough to yield a ton of shrinkage. No problem!

    The texture is incredible, and it’s interesting to feel the ridges that travel vertically along the fabric









    I think I'm gonna throw some oil on that patch


    This is my first pair of Evisu, and I'm looking forward to a nice adventure with them :)


    i think you may have convinced me to get this pair! they look great!

  8. On 4/12/2019 at 2:52 PM, chambo2008 said:

    I'm back, really dig the fit, will take some getting used to



    Hey! those look great. you said you sized up? like what size do you usually wear, and what did you get?  i'm usually a 30 but i feel like a 30 might be too tight for me in these. thanks 

  9. On 6/18/2018 at 11:31 AM, CrashTestBrummie said:

    Pretty happy with the fit on the Lot 2000T natural indigo model. Decided to wear them from raw without soaking. Fit is tight across the arse but will stretch with time. 









    What's up CTB! If I'm a 30 in a No 2 2000, should I still get a 30 in a No 2 2000T? I'm really sure that's my next pair so I'm trying to get it right.

  10. On 10/15/2017 at 3:32 AM, CrashTestBrummie said:

    Missed my old Lazy S jeans so went on a hunt for a pair. Ended up finding two pairs, one in the 0005 fit that they did for the European market and one in the 0200 fit that was sold in the States. 

    The 0005 jeans were mine for the fine sum of one single American dollar! These are a 30 waist but the 0005 model is vanity sized. 

    No pics yet of the 0200 model but they're large in the waist for me and a much looser cut overall. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. 




    damn i haven't posted on superfuture in years, but good to see you're still repping evisu hard CTB! those lee-pros look fantastic man! cheers!

  11. Haven't really posted on the future in years but i always liked this thread so let me start here.



    so a few days ago my brother's best friend asks my brother, myself and a few of my friends if we wanted to go to his middle school to help him with his school's winter band concert.  After the concert is over, we are all cleaning up and what not and this one girl comes up to me and says "Hi Alvaro! do you remember me? We went to elementary school together!" and i'm thinking "no" and i tell her "i'm sorry i'm really bad with people, so i'm sorry but i don't remember you."  She looks kinda bummed but then she turns to my brother and says "i remember you too!" and my brother says "I remember you but I know your husband (then my brother turns to her son and says "your dad") even better!  Then my brother proceeds to say "your husband and me were supposed to graduate in the same class but he got held back a year!" ...and elementary school looks devastated!!  I'm assuming the son didn't know this information. and i'm just think "oh shit! double whammy awkward!" She excuses herself and leaves but wow we definitely ruined her night.


    Still have no idea who she was. :/

  12. So you are back in your hometown and are experiencing reverse culture shock?


    been there, it sucks.  


    best advice i could give is just try to move on, as awesome as london was to you, you can't just keep thinking about it. just start the new life in either your tiny hometown or move to bigger and better things but the more you keep thinking about how great it was and how awesome it would be to go back, you will just be holding yourself back. 

  13. damn....


    i've probably shared this a bunch of times but one of my close friends back when i was living is korea is yuri's cousin.  still a little salty that i didnt get to meet, then subsequently beat...



  14. i dont know if this is a first world problem, but i HATE grapes with seeds.

    when i eat grapes i like to gorge myself, like something you can only do in private, the type of eating where if people would see you they would cringe, and children would point and laugh.

    that being said, if there are seeds you have to go one at a time, and spit out the seeds, ugh. damn it seeds, you're slowing me down!

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