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  1. For the people that order off of subnet and live in the US, what type of shipping do you use? I thought it was bad last year when I got a $400 charge from UPS so I switched to FedEx. My recent FW1213 order valued at about 800 Euros has a shipping/customs charge of $650. Has anybody used DHL?

  2. GT-J29 is awesome, I wish the sleeves were a bit shorter though. As Appleseed said, no ESCAPE ZIPÆ on the J29. Anybody have the SS-J25, wondering if it worth the steep price for a zip hoody...

  3. Shoe - Virgils are the easiest boot to wear, they go with everything. For comfort and uniqueness I think the Grizzly boot is the ticket.

    Jacket - Depends if you are looking for technical or more casual, but you can't go wrong with a Nomad. I like the OG paclite the best. Loose fitting, giant hood, 3m details, stowable...

  4. ^^^ Starting SS13 bags/attachments will only be sold via Acronym's own online shop. Some attachments that haven't been released in a while will actually be available in October via the online store is what I was told.

  5. yes the limonta fabric was used on your 3A-1 probably. as cloud said, fading is a property of that material. just let it age naturally, i think it can look kind of cool when weathered.

  6. My favorite retail space, not only for the lines they carry, but because of the people that work there. I remember one time when I was down at college in SoCal I went there with my fam and Gibbs overheard my dad ask me why a Visvim shirt cost so much money. He came over and had a 30 minute conversation with my parents about the company. He wasn't even trying to sell them a product, but rather give them an understanding of why I was so infatuated with Visvim products. I'm not sure if it changed their opinion at all, but I just thought it was cool for a store owner to take that time to just talk about a brand they believe in. One of the few things I miss about SoCal. Keep it up Gibbs and crew.

    I know, cool story bro.

  7. so the JP FBT... do we have a consensus on sizing? Read TTS then somewhere else said to size down half. Hate to be that guy, but hoping to proxy a pair and not get stuck with the wrong size.

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