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  1. Yea i see the carelessnes, he walked outside with a gun, but no bullets.. But isnt it I:M that went and made up another SN to add to his collection banned ones? That was pretty careless too. And for what to prove that he wasnt wearing dunks?! hahah why?

    Its cool though...everyone who is self employed gets mad bored sometimes.

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  2. Lets not start a dogpile (remember that brand?). Maybe he did? Should he remember every little thing about invisible man? that would make him look like a bigger fool.


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  3. Its kinda crazy, nike really reads these kind of boards. In the letter they say sorry they upset so many people. Where?? on here? (places like this) did they really get that much fuzz for this. Nike is cool, but 2005 is Adidas' year! They got so much good stuff coming out, its very refreshing. I could see why a lot of kids are leaving the swoosh for good now.

  4. "The only exception is concert tees, cuz I've got no choice. "

    No choice?

    Why because they only sell them that night at the show? Those tees are some of the most horrible quality. Its really the same as buying a Supreme Tee (just a name everyone knows), but Supreme is better quality. They only sell it there and it will only be on the shelve for the moment you are there. Its all been hyped (just like any band out there)

    Well..its true an average "streetwear" shirt is about $2+printing fees,tags,hang tags,etc.. it comes out to about $7. If you print yourself (the only way really) you can get it down to about $5 (cost).

    Nigo is the master... How did he do it?? I dont think he could even tell you.. Sometimes your hot, sometimes your not.. Most are not. super HUGE or super tiny, Everyone in the middle is too busy treading water. Thats why you cant sleep on the nobody's either.

    As for designer labels..hey its from the ground up, when supreme starts cutting fabric and sewing their tees (i know they have already headed in the direction) it will be the same.. $100 for a "designer" skateboard T.

    You can pay a little more.. and you probably will. Lets face it $15 shirts are gone forever

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  5. Wow, Ecko has been around the block a bunch of times. He should have just sold to Tommy when he had the chance, and just been paid. (The big sellout). Looks like they're gonna go around one more time. Who do you think they'l swoop up this time?

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