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  1. That was then.. this is now if you are starting right now in 2005 its all about the benjamans baby! Everybody wants to play this game, so step it up a notch. If you dont get your cash and plans together from the get go, the only thing you will be working hard for is to get out of debt. ASS KISSING never hurt anyone either.

  2. Its all about $$$ if you have it you can do anything. You need $$ to make $$. Skills and designs are a thing of the past. Connects are good too but it really all boils down to $$. Its an expensive ego trip/hobby. If you are not seeing any $$ by your 4-5 year mark you should call it quits or start over. (before you're in too deep)

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  3. Hehe..

    I have to 2nd that...

    Those "spoof" designs are weak. When your whole fucking line is a spoof it really becomes a joke. Add cheezy ass messages or hometown "love/reppin" themes it just gets even worse. It can be pulled off but you really have to come correct. Also that whole "AA art drop out" look is wack too.. I guess t-shirts are more complex when you really look at it. Just stick to name branding if you have no art skills, fonts can get you really far if you know how to use them.

    Why do all these kids eat up these spoofs? Are they even moving?

    aNYthing is cleaner than 100's (imo) A-ron did it before them. They are both whatever in my book.

    FRESHJIVE is king of the tastefull spoof.


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  4. My advice would just be to just get off the bape tip... Shit is really too expensive and if you're "poor" you shouldnt waste your cash or "friends" cash on that junk. BBC shirt? thats what your looking for? ughhh...why?

  5. Thats the best way to jack designs.. get a bunch of kids to have a "contest" and pick 8 good designs as "winners" give them a few bucks and some fame, and take all the un-seen contestants designs for yourself. I LOVE IT. (nothing against the judges or companies) its just i know that kinda shit happens.

  6. Oh yea i almost forgot greyone! I think blends in Costa Mesa has bapes too. No one has accounts so its kinda hit or miss. This guy doesnt care if he gets raped...(as he clearly said)

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  7. Haha.. Rich kids in P.V. are into bape now. Go to workmans or heavyhitters on Melrose they have the kicks. Union used to sell bape shit but since Busy NY opened thats pretty much the only good spot in the US. Try Ebay PONDON is a good legit seller.

  8. What? You cant do homework before you make a SN anymore? I see to many people on here getting their shit handed to them because they dont do the math. Im on vacation for the summer and im bored. I'll play here for a few minutes a day. okay..

    Is that ok with you? Mr. Bob Dobolina

    That Picture is really sad...

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  9. Shochu is pretty much distilled sake. Its about 30% alcohol on average but some brands can be up to 50% or it can be independently made 90-100%!


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  10. Im big on AAA, I know its kinda weird but im starting to like lighter feeling T's, the new Freshjive and Obey stuff feels nice when its blazing hot outside. what do they use?

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