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  1. sweet, yeah i dont think i'll ever get rid of my mark xv. would be a good beater if i upgraded or watch to pass down to my son one day.

    saw your old post about selling it... i paid 2800 for my minty one on leather

  2. after about 18 months of mulling over different pieces in the $3k range i ended up getting a mark xv last month. however, been looking at jlc mc moons lately, but not the biggest fan of the silver dial. never seen the 37 before until you mentioned it. black dial looks awesome. my only reservation is the 37mm (and i have 6.5 inch wrist). however, i think i'd take the trade, the jlc being the rarer watch and if you don't like it you can always find a mark xv again.

  3. recommend carolina kitchen in coorpraroo for cheap 'soul food'... american style burgers, chicken wangs and cornbread. bit slow as they have a small kitchen so call ahead for takeaway.

    so are there any cool new stores? i only really hit up apmnt & cloakroom when im in the city.

  4. date spots: im married but everytime i go to ginga emporium there's about 10 couples there on a first or second date.

    southbank precinct seems nice for date... sardie tin, la via, piaf, bamboo basket, ginga, blah blah then go for a walk around southbank. parking sucks though.

    in general fave eating spots are cirque in new farm, little hong kong in sunnybank and ecco if high end.

    had first date with wifey in park road, milton about 10 years ago. harhar.

  5. Superfuture X Loopwheeler Tee (Small)

    worn and washed once (looks washed out in pic as i put it next to the window in the sunlight).

    it's black. it's loopwheeler. it's got the superfuture logo on it in metallic silver.

    "won" this in the contest back in 07. http://supertalk.sup...797#entry307797. i believe there were about 14 winners, so pretty rare.

    $66 express post anywhere in australia.






  6. thanks man, ill check that place in sunnybank out to get my azn hair cut. do they take bookings by any chance or is it a walk-in type joint?

    not a fan, but ksubi is having a ghey sale in surfers, enjoy:

    ksubi Pre-season Clearance Sale

    Sale stock from 50-70% off

    Cult fashion brand ksubi is holding a pre-season clearance sale on the Gold Coast this coming weekend.

    As if you needed any cajoling to get yourself to the Gold Coast for this fantastic weather, and ksubi have just announced their clearance sale starting this Friday.

    For three days only, you've got the chance to get a whole new ksubi wardrobe.

    At prices from 50-70% off, you'd be nuts to miss this event.

    On sale is Men's and Women's denim, fashion and eyewear, including current Spring/Summer sample pieces.

    Cash, Visa, Mastercard and eftpos welcome.


    3 Days Only

    Friday 26th September through to Sunday 28th September


    Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm

    Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm

    Sunday 10.00am - 5.00pm


    Pop-up Sale Store

    Shop 4/3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevard

    Surfers Paradise

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