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  1. sup fellas.

    been a minute. yep selling a piece from way back in '09.

    It's DS but the age has created a lil' rusting on the key ring. Which can be replaced easily. Everything is DS with bags n' spec sheet.

    get at me with offers


    Figured this might be of interest (not mine and not connected to seller)


  2. couple Q's re the new virgils... just one c/w? rrp was? thanks in advance

    missed out on the initial drop... so when these turned up...

    another 11 !


  3. thanks dude, good contribution. i'm so glad we have you here to act as a barometer for how pussified we're being in here, it's really really helpful. I was worried we were getting too hard, too rough...just plain mean.

    I'm glad you're here, 78, to give us the heads-up we so desperately needed.

    like I said... pussies

  4. Looks like a great start. I'm super jealous of the hidden arcs.

    Personally can't stand hidden arcs... shit fades too fast and become too noticeable after a year or so... removed my arcs on my original 710BK's.

  5. yep the citeh forward line is a fuckin emotional rollercoster...

    hell it's pretty much that in every 1outta3 GWs ONE of the 3 strikers will explode. But the rotation puzzle seems impossible to figure out.

    I know that Villareal is a must win for them so I expect Mancini to go balls out... but does that mean Mario's playing?!?! I would never have picked Mario to start against Utd... I thought the Dzeko row was overblown... guess it wasn't (???) but since Mario's played 2 games in a few days will he be fit? Or was the subbing him off in anticipation for Villareal... and then you got Wolves in the Silly Cup then Wolves on the weekend... does that mean he just throws out the b-team against Wolves the first time 'round? And depending on the result either throw the b-team out on the weekend....


    And even Kompany n' Micah ain't nailed on...

    You're best bet is getting a fuckin crystal ball...

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