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  1. congratulatuions to all you amazing people who have been on this board for sooooooo long.

    it must be so liberating to tell people to us the search button.


    AI- pm me and i will give you some info you want to hear.

    and fuck all yall who think you are special in any way for contributing to a fucking blog..

  2. $40 is the going rate to bribe cops.

    keep that money seperate from the rest of your cash. if they see it they will take it.

    only take yellow cabs.

    if a glue sniffing kid approaches you it is probably to stab you.

    revolution is for tourists

    constitution is for locals-much better

    be weary of hookers-but thats your deal

    get a black market perscription for perscript meds. the border cops dont fuck around.

    expect under 21 girls - good or bad depending.

  3. i just got back too. i asked the guys that run our new york and la showrooms why we do these shows and they told me we had to. then they showed me our sales and i undeerstood.

    but i agree that there is a ton of shit. really bad denim and tshirts is all i saw. i also do buying for a store and only wrote 4 lines out of all 3 shows.

    i think this industry has become very accesible for people that shouldnt be making clothing. its unfortunate because buyers get exhausted wading through shit to find good brands.

    on a good note: vegas is always a fucking party and i spent about 3 hours in the dior store at the wynn

  4. i think tailoring a product for a specific market is a good way to sell products to hot topic. if you want a good product for people who know their shit you better be ready to put your balls out there and make what you want to make. then hold your breath and hope people people with taste like your product.

    for example-currently fucking skulls are everywhere. you could probobly make some shit with skulls and a good price point and sell a few units. but then you are left looking stupid while you wait for the next trend to copy.

    consumers dont make the market, sellers make the market. make a great, unique product and create a target market.

    focus on differentiating yourself and your product range instead of people. they are fickle and their tastes change.

    great advice by the way minya. arent you a moderator or something. why do you even post shit like that.

  5. i dont know about this "industry forum." now all the slugs trying to do shit without any research or real creativity know exactly where to go to steal information and insight. if peopel want to talk to me pm me. im not giving any factory info, washing info, pattern making/cut and sew info, store info, etc. to the whole board. call me an ass hole but ive been working too hard to hand it all over.

    also our spring line will be up soon. just waiting for my web designer to finish-of course. ill keep you posted.

    slugs, kooks, barneys and biters need not apply.

  6. call her about the cali x. im sure she can order them. she can get anything. also a new niki sixx with brown weft instead of pink. i have no idea how to post pics on here and i have to admit im on a 56k currently so not too stoked about trying to upload images.

    on the jr website you can see the cali x among other things. the cali x only comes in bright colours i think.

  7. i just got my julian reds. been wanting these for a while. better than i thought. got the new hoboken and the nikki sixx hoboken. also saw the raw denim in the california and the ride the lightning wash. it kills nudies denim. best jeans i have seen.

    the girl is super nice and i think has good contact with the co. i guess she can still get more nikki sixx along with the new styles. they are both fucking dope. best jeans i have seen.

    she said she is going to be placing another order. so if anyone is interested you should hit her up. i couldnt find any other places in the us that were good to deal with.

    happy endings 858.454.0404.

  8. i have done everything in this industry the hard way. and done ok for myself.

    i think most people on here that are in the this industry are somewhat skeptical about telling people about cut/sew, wash techniques, printing techniques, sales, etc. if i feel like someone knows what is up and has done some leg work i am down. but i dont need to feel responsible for the next 1,000 shitty tshirt companies that arise.

    since there is no forum you can pm me and let me know what you are thinking.

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