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  1. going to to spain next wednesday for three months. i'll be studying in salamanca but i'll be in madrid and barcelona as often as i can.

    what should i check out? what should i absolutely not miss? places to eat, boutiques, the usual....but i'd really like to know about some rather bizarre or unique little things to do. i'm game for anything. any help would be really appreciated!


    Bonito Perdido.

  2. Rolling Stones--"Paint It Black"

    The Yardbirds--"For Your Love"

    Jefferson Airplane--"Somebody To Love"

    Serge Gainsbourg--"Ballade De Melody Nelson"

    The Beatles--"Norwegian Wood"

    Belle And Sebastian--"Simple Things"

    The Doors--"Spanish Caravan"

    JJ Cale--"After Midnight"

    The Kinks--"Thinking About That Girl"

    Kano--"Signs In My Life"

    Bonito Perdido.

  3. Gabriel Garcia Marquez-Strange Pilgrims

    Albert Camus-The Plague

    Albert Camus-The Outsider

    Haruki Murakami-Norweigan Wood

    Louis Celine-Death On The Installment Plan

    William Faulker-As I Lay Dying

    Hunter Thompson-The Rum Diary

    Jose Saramago-Blindness

    John Fante-Ask The Dust

    Charles Bukowski-Ham On Rye

    Bonito Perdido.

  4. I'm a college student in the Bay Area and let me tell you....

    It's not all that bad.

    I have grown up here my whole life but I've also done alot of travelling around the country and with the possible exceptions of New York or Boston, I can't think of another area that I would want to live. LA is fun but not my cup of tea exactly. I think what Steve Coogan said in Coffee And Cigarettes sums up my feelings about SoCal in general.

    Anyway, you'll probably end up living in Oakland. It's cheap and it has one of the largest burgeoning hipster/art scenes in the country. It's near Berkeley so you'll have a steady influx of smart people coming and going and there's a real eclectic community, tons of record stores, great places to eat, etc etc.

    The rest of the Bay Area is pretty whatever.

    I really like Palo Alto actually (think Stanford). It's quite ritzy but it's small and for what it has, it is a fairly cool place.

    Bonito Perdido.

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  5. Going to Barcelona in July and desperately need to find an affordable (1400 Euro and below) for a 3 bedroom flat in the city for a month, preferrably in a good part of town. Anyone? Thanks.

    Bonito Perdido.

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  6. i've grown up in the bay but my fam is originally from ny.

    sf is cool, i like the food and the weather but shit DOES get boring pretty fast. i'm not even sure there should be a contest, ny by a mile.

    Bonito Perdido.

  7. 1. The Funeral

    2. The Shawshank Redemption

    3. Little Odessa

    4. King Of New York

    5. The Terrorist

    6. Audition

    7. Hable Con Ella (Talk To Her)

    8. Rounders

    9. Manhattan

    10. Fresh

    11. 25th Hour

    12. Glengarry Glenn Ross

    13. Wall Street

    14. Boiler Room

    Bonito Perdido.

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  8. WHATSUP CIAN! It's Shona, dog.

    how long-Since I was 10, I'm 19 now (be 20 in June) but I've been seriously skating since 97.

    their first board-Black Label John Cardiel Everslick, Spitfire Lil' Smokies (39mm) and some Ventures, a handmedown from Cardiel himself c/o of his lil brother, my best friend, NAME DROPPING LIKE A MO'FUCKA. Real board c/o of my moms was an Anti Hero Cardiel, Indys, and some multi colored Spits.

    what they ride now-Real HUF Basketball Board, Royals, Ricta Kareems

    where they live/skate-San Jose, but I skate in Frisco alot. I bounce around; might catch me in London at Southbank or in Morocco.

    what they skate-I love bumps, pools, banks, and jersey barries. Makeshift spots.

    what shoes they skate in-Vans Half Cabs or some Low top Timbs.

    last 3 tricks learned-Switch bigspin, Frontside Rock and Roll slide, bs 180 nosegrind.

    is $100.00+ ceramic bearings worth it-If you can afford it, i guess, why not???

    Bonito Perdido.

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