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  1. comment was deleted cause it was in the waywt. She's welcome to post it in the chat version. Basically too offense to soepom's potrayal of a FOB. But are you a FOB if you are in your country and havent' stepped off the boat. Would i be the FOB if i showed up in singapore?

    Yeah, and we'd totally be the fobs cause we don't do the peace sign in photos. People would think we were weird or something.

  2. your watch seems a bit..... inelegant

    i like these models better (all from nixon, which would make exchanging easier)--

    the first one is colorful, since you said you liked bright colors.

    the second is reminiscent of a calculator watch if you're into that look, but without being a total dork, as alterion noted.

    the third one exudes a Sinn-esque pilot watch vibe

    the first two are in the same price range as the one you have (~$120). the last one is more expensive ($400 range) but it's a lot cooler looking. but if you were going to throw down 4 bills i'd just go up to a G and get a nice mechanical, although your dad might balk at that kind of price tag


    Do not buy the Dork or the Metal Dork (second watch). I have one sitting in my room that a bought a few years ago. That thing eats through batteries like mad. I remember having to change the batteries like once a month. That, and it just shouts out random shit sometimes when the hour changes (I never read the manual - maybe there's a way to disable this).

  3. dai,

    i see where you're coming from, but where the circumstance of fade's and ringx2's departures different? did ringring take absence because he got offended? or did he just bet busy or have better things to do? i generally value fade, but let's face it, the way he bid adieu could hardly be called dignified. while i agree that things have been somewhat declining, i think that there has to be a balance between the fun and the knowledge. opinions will always collide so the very implication of a sufu utopia is absurd/pointless. anyway, what would you suggest. NO HATE

    and the superfashion thread is great. it didn't even exist until servo got mod-ified.

    I agree, Servo is doing an excellent job in superfashion. I'm not sure if I voted for him in 2006, but I should have in any case. Sure, these posters are busy with their lives and all and find less time to post, but it does have something to do with the prioritization of the things around them. Maybe it's because of the shift in attitudes within superfuture that Ringring suddenly found reason to place more precedence on, who knows?

  4. Uhh... look in superfashion. A lot of good debate, jmatsu takes part in it all the time. If they want to be next jmatsu, perhaps they should start posting something meaningful.

    Superfuture has always been the same, it didn't change. Except maybe for superdenim since most of the knowledge has already been shared.

    People complain every six months, servo complained around Dec 2006 and yet he decided to stay. Now it's FTB and some others... nothing new, move on if you don't like it.

    I used Jmatsu as an example because everyone knows him, and criticizing is his forté. I agree he has been contributing a lot lately, so maybe this was a poor example on my part.

  5. I don't follow everyone around, but I remember Ringring used to post quite often here. Sure, he may post from time to time now, but when he does, people treat it like the second coming of Christ.

  6. Effort withstanding, I think a good idea would be to have superfuture wiki pages. It would take a lot of work, but maybe we could have some reputable members be able to contribute to them?

    It doesn't have to be some huge in-depth piece about which detergent and method to use while washing your APCs, but I think that it would really organize things around here. Stickied posts are tough, as they clutter up the board and, in some cases, aren't very refined. The wiki pages could be neatly set up, such that the aspects of the topic are clearly labelled, and not be extremely long and quickly provide the answers to the questions users may have.

    People always say to just use the search button, but it has become difficult. With all the fodder in the threads, it is really tough to have to expect people to sift through hundreds of pages of posts. It would be much easier for people to refer to a dedicated resource, rather than the neverending thread that is bumped dozens a time a day in superdenim.

    This might even be a good thing for Chad and Wayne, as the wikis would save on the bandwidth costs. Posts asking about where to find such and such would be eliminated (well, fine, if people still ask, then the mods have reason to ban them then), as well as the responses posted to provide the information (which has been posted many times before), in addition to the impending ridicule.

    We've seen a drop in the information being shared here, so maybe this can be a strong resource for the community, and supertalk can be reserved for the discussion of new and interesting things?

  7. I think this brings up a good topic though. I've been off and on superfuture for a while... lurked for a while before joining too, because I didn't have much to contribute (not saying that I do now anyways).

    Saying that though, I have noticed a steep decline in the quality of the posts, and it seems like because of this, we're losing some quality contributors. We used to have some very prolific posts, but with the loss of these people, we've been reduced to constant nattering and hating. We're losing the community that we once had.

    People hating on other peoples' outfits is pointless - we're possibly all tempted to do it, but it just has no purpose and is a waste of the superfuture bandwidth. Regardless of posters' intentions of posting their fits (whether they're trying to be popular, or they're trying to show off, or if they're genuinely trying to bring something to the community), they're still providing information for us. As someone had mentioned a while back, the more we hate on people, the more we discourage people to post. Who knows, they might have something really interesting to show us, or become an extremely valued member.

    Corbin had mentioned before that maybe this is because we've learned all there is to know. I disagree with this. I agree that we used to have more new things to talk about on a more regular basis, but I think this is only because posters were on the constant lookout for things to share here. I think that we've become reliant and lazy (it may be part of the whole group think mentality, I don't know... but I'm guilty of this as well), we log into superfuture hoping that someone else is going to provide us with something new, and if there isn't we just waste our days away posting in ridiculous polls in supertrash. Or maybe people are finding these new things and are suddenly hesitant about posting them, in fear of being crucified.

    As mike lowrey had brought up, people used to value information here and now we're all looking at a quick fix of entertainment. New posters are here to learn and possibly contribute, but with nothing to give early on in, they want to be the next Jmatsu (I'm not saying what he's doing is right or wrong, he speaks his mind, so be it). We're no longer glorifying knowledge. Maybe it's the rep bars? People who haven't been on superfuture long enough, simply don't know what the older members have brought to it - so they rely on these little green squares to tell them who's who. Maybe this is also contributing to the group think, where people will be more willing to agree with a highly repped member, than to stop and think for themselves before posting. In any case, people are trying to establish their place in the community, and they're doing that by just taking cheap shots in hopes that someone is entertained enough to add to their rep bar.

    Anyways, that's about all I had to say. FTB, it would be nice if you stuck around, but if not, best of luck in your future.

  8. Referring to this thread:


    We have these quotes:

    i'm somewhere between a 9 and 10 US, though not necessarily a 9.5 in every


    judging by the measurements that correspond's to Hare's retarded S.M.L shoe

    sizing, I think I should go with a medium. The cm measurement of their Large

    corresponds exactly to a 10.5 US, whereas the Medium measures a few

    cm between a 9 and a 9.5- and, a tighter fit is easier to deal with than floppy

    clown shoes.

    Hmmm...... it says 27.5cm for a L...... that's for the length of the foot? or the length of the sole of the shoes?

    Hare's stupid shoe sizing system may differ between shoe styles, however...

  9. I don't know of anyone here that drinks Coors Light. And diamonds, my old town had to be the worst. They were too cheap to be even able to have more than one firework go off in the air at a time. That way they could draw it out to the near 30 minute mark.

  10. Would be tough to pull off if you use proxies, but if you have another means of shopping at zozo, they just started their summer sale today.

  11. I would personally go with B, just cause of the higher pay (unless the pay increase is marginal). The fact that it isn't secure isn't a big deal cause you usually don't work the same summer job after you start university anyways (the assumption is that you'd be more qualified in your discipline after being in university and will be elgible for jobs that are related to your field down the road, even if just on a temporary basis).

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