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  1. I'm selling a Supreme liberty print t-shirt from SS10 in the red colorway. It is a rare small color and in like new-condition (I'd rate it 9/10)






    Shoulders 18

    Pit to pit :19

    Length : 26

    Stock photo until I take my own

    Asking $130 shipped in the USA. PM me if you have any questions or for int'l shipping price.

  2. Selling my pair of New Balance N574 neon yellow sonic sneakers. These are fused together at the seams for a clean minimal look. Pop of color on the back heel.

    Size 8.5 ) (8 1/2)







    My own images are forthcoming but I'd say these are in 7/10 condition. The upper is pretty clean but some wear on the soles and inside lining.

    I'm asking for $60 shipped in the US for them. Add the difference for shipping for intl orders.

    Photos added

  3. I'll echo what readytoignite says here. I haven't purchased anything for myself this season and barely anything last. I still have tons of stuff I use and wear reguarly (pocket t-shirt, backpacks and a few old fitteds) but I find the brand's product is too reliant on the brandname being plastered on everything. Sure that was always the case but it seems less thoughtful than ever before.

    I think they really went away from the street roots and into more contemporary menswear so instead of just doing polo flips and the like they're doing flips of everything Americana and vintage. This basically means that Supreme product looks just like what so many other brands are doing. I'd rather have more subversive graphics and attitude conveyed through the clothing as opposed to a more sanitized experience.

    i do actually think that they've changed the way they approach their collections, in particular the cut and sewn. there's tons more pieces and you never used to see them carry over the same design season after season with minor tweaks the way they do with the chambray or trenchcoat. trying to expand to that degree can end up diluting the individual quality of the pieces and i believe that's what's happened here.

    i think about my favorite pieces from the past - the chore coat which is perfect in every way; the hooded bdu, leopard m-51, alpha-made ma-1 in royal blue; bright plaid flannels; even the moroccan zip front merino sweater - you couldn't find anything comparable anywhere, even today. and they 100% nailed every aspect of those pieces.

    when's the last c&s piece that wasn't them slapping their branding and a few details on someone else's product that you could say that about?

  4. I'm Djing a party in chinatown this saturday, y'all come through if you want. PM me for details, buncha sufu cats will be there.

    EDIT: Spaghetti blew the spot already thats the party I'm talkin bout. SWAT BAR 59 Canal st.