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  1. I think what fucks people up is the elitism

    people disregard what they like most, what makes them feel most comfortable to appeal to the 'universal standard' of good style

    we need more democratization, less advertisement, etc.

    plus, the fashion industry is extremely unsustainable; the fact we have new styles of clothes coming out every second using up natural resources can't be good for the environment-- you certainly can't be making the BEST quality goods at a mass scale. And to be honest, I think the only reason the system persists is because we're used to it, not because we want it. I think everyone wants quality clothing that makes them look good

    You should buy it and take a fit pic then.

  2. It's a hoodie... An $89 hoodie. Not exactly out of the norm on sufu. Just glancing at the product it's...

    • Made in the USA (if that matters to you).
    • Construction actually seems pretty solid if the pictures are to be believed.
    • 10 years of free repairs... Although this would be kinda moot if they charged shipping since mending a hole wouldn't be worth the shipping cost.
    • How much are shitty AA hoodies that people buy year after year?

    Not really seeing what is so bad and looks like a basic well-made hoodie at a price that is far from obscene.

    tl;dr it's a hoodie for $89.

    There's a sucker born every minute

  3. Selling a Supreme MA-1 from SS11. This item is in good condition, I'd rate it as a 8/10. The color is navy, size is Medium

    Lining is red and made from Cotton.

    Purchased from the Supreme store in NYC. Can do meetups in the NYC area.

    My own photos to come



    Asking $180 shipped in the USA

  4. I think American_Hearts is onto something about how people are just trying to reach out and express themselves on facebook. I think generally people are pretty scared to be judged and act according to that. Alot of the shallowness etc comes from this desire to fit in and be accepted.

    In terms of the way I try to approach friendships and meeting new people I really have learned to not pre-judge and let my interactions with the person determine how I feel about them. For me fitting in was never really an issue because I've always kind of had a bit of an outsider status. If everyone is doing one thing and acting one way, it doesn't make me want to adapt to that but instead run the other way. I just can't stand snide snips and comments that some people trade in conversation. Let the next man live.

  5. I've been contemplating how many people really live life as honestly as possible and know themselves. It seems that I come across many people who are just not genuine on a day to day basis yet go through motions as if they were. This is one of the things that bothers me the most.

    I think one of the most important things is to have dreams ambitious and things or people you care about / love unconditionally. If you don't have that to guide you you just become old, bitter and lost imo.