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    thanks, does anyone know the deal with the Mini 35s? Check ebay for Pictures, they have mini dasslers and mini Run DMCs for sale(some people are paying upwards of 40 Pounds(elike 85-90 USD).

    And Groovy is being stupid with the books, they aren't giving them out.

    And, does anyone have a clue what the 35th stars are gonna be? There are alot of samples going around that were ditche as part of the 35 series(like the TBD and Madonna ones). Anyone knows whats up?

    And the Rocafellas are going fast, 12 pairs were sold alone yesterday @ a store. The Run DMcs ahve been spotted(in the USA) in retail chains, so I dunno wahts going on.

    --- Original message by nkwu on Mar 6, 2005 11:59 AM

    really, i cant imagine seeing the runs at footlocker or stores like that icon_smile_question.gif

    would be funny though, anyone know if goodfoot is getting some. When i called the guy didnt really seem to know what he was talking about.

  2. Quote:

    yea, groovy killed me with the cost of the adiColors(last place I could find...well my sister could find them), and I didn't get a collector's book with them, was I supposed to? They come with every 35 Release, right? Did everyone wh got theres @ Lileo, TNT blue and da Zone get a book ?

    Also, does anyone know where the Perfs are gonna come out? and whats the deal with the Rocs @ Da Zone?, I want them but if I can get the Perfs, I'll gladly take the Perfs first. Anyone know if Da Zone is getting them? or any store that will get them?

    Thanks for the help.

    ohhh IJF, youw ork @ Lileo right?

    --- Original message by nkwu on Mar 5, 2005 11:30 AM

    Yeah, you're supposed to get the sticker book with every purchase, but they musta forgot?

    Da Zone has got Rocafellas, i called and asked.

    The perfs should be open allocation, in other words, wide release, so you'll probably be able to get them to footlocker.

    Actually now i remember that the perfed are exclusive to footlocker.

  3. damn, i just know when i get back in toronto (im in waterloo now), everythings gonna be sold out icon_smile_sad.gif , unless theres some nice sneaker shops in the Kitchiner-Waterloo area , but somehow i severly doubt that

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  4. Quote:

    what up IJF....i'm gonna come through today after work...if there's a pair for me, cool...if not, no worries, it's bannanas how these things are moving!!....i appreciate you letting us know though...good looking out...peace...

    --- Original message by MyMindSpray on Mar 4, 2005 07:07 AM

    yeah, it seems the music series is moving even faster than expressions

  5. Quote:

    Unsure bout music series, for expression there are project playground and upper playground, not much left

    --- Original message by I J F on Feb 26, 2005 07:15 AM

    thanks for the heads up

    I'm really liking the warhols, anywhere else in the city i can get them?

  6. I think the Dunks SBs look nice and all, but seriously its just a shoe.

    Its pretty crazy how much the price gets pushed up by resellers and on ebay , but in the end its just another shoe.

    it's obvious NIKE is doing it for the street cred/cool factor , and ultimately its working lookin at what some people are willing to pay for a pair.

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  7. hey guys, new to the site.

    I'm waiting on the city series to drop, because i love the berlins. The NYC ones are hot too.

    But do u have any of the expression series in stock still? Also what do you have left in the music series. In a size 9, if u do i might just drop by the store tommorow to see them in person I J F

    and also action hank, I saw the adidas halfshells at the athletes world in Scarb. town center, red, blue and white colourway i believe

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