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  1. Man I don't want to be a dick here, I can appreciate the effort it took to compile this list yaddayadda, but guy, listing ZARA? The fuck, why don't you add club monaco on there while you are at.

    And yeah Bruce has been gone for a coon's age.

    Jonathon and Olivia at main and 10th is also worth a peek.

    Don't sleep on antisocial as well, main and broadway, www.antisocialshop.com, good shit, good people.

    New shit popping up in gastown, keep your eyes peeled.

  2. AAA fit good...great to print on too.

    But I can understand being vexed about dudes wanting 50 plus for a shirt that wholesales for 1.27.

    Somehow I find that people using american apparel and charging in that 50 usd plus range even worse though, I dunno.

    Bottom line is someone is going to buy it though.

  3. I've always been able to find some Lakai's that I really like...from those black woven carroll's, to socas, to manchesters, to the new carrolls, there's always something good in there to skate. Occasionally some weird shit too, but far superior in comparison to any other "skate" company, barring the almighty halfcab.

  4. I used to hate on Herman until I saw some shitty demo footy...kid was skating the pyramid and blasting 3flips to flat and doing them so damn proper. He's good. I think he learned to push too.

    Glad he cut his hair...when he was running the long hair, baseball hat and leather jacket kit he was one scary looking little booger. Did he shave his eyebrows?

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