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  1. Thanks, raj. I was looking for stores actually. Any ideas?

    i'd pick up one of those toy magazines, i forget the names, but there are various publications for model hobbies/ toy collectors that sell vintage toys. i'd find one of those and use the maps so prevalent in japanese magazines.

  2. if it were down to fast food i'd go mosburger and cake any day over kfc..

    ideally i'm looking for a house/ electronica event but i don't know any of the dj's playing at the usual spots so I could use some feedback? My last trip to tokyo was xmas 2 years ago and I had a great time at Air and Yellow, and saw the potential at Ageha but it turned out to be a gay night. Yellow now seems to be closed and i have no idea who is playing what these days on what nights.

    So yeah, any comments on the local talents on xmas eve would be greatly appreciated guys

  3. i have pretty bad astygmatism and never used contacts because my work requires me to be in front of a monitor all day. the new acuvues (one day) that finally correct for astygmatism as well as short sightedness, although twice the price, are super effective.

  4. thx for the replies guys.

    i haven't read anything about the banana apart from your comments above actually. i've been riding japanese resorts and its pow with a burton custom for a few years now. would a banana be a bad replacement? i do pretty much everything apart from boxes and rails (bad experiences).

    oh and..

    1) any comments on comparisons of gnu vs lib tech (both being owned by the same company?)

    2) forums with good discussion/ info on gear, esp boards bindings etc?

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