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  1. Switched from an iPhone 3G to a Nexus One last January and never looked back. I still think the iPhone 4 is the best looking device out there, but the way the Android OS works is just remarkably more clever in a few essential areas, in particular the way it integrates push notifications, background processes and social media.

    I'm anxiously looking forward to whatever HTC is launching Sept 15th. Also, Dell apparently is about to reveal some very exciting toys later this year, including the Streak, featuring a curved glass screen (click).

  2. Same can be said for Robben and his tactics. But I doubt you'll hear anything from the Dutch camp.

    Actually, Robben is criticized in the Dutch media all the time for being a wuss and the way he carries himself on the pitch. However, he is also praised for his current form. I do believe that he is still haunted by the stigma created during his years at Chelsea, which is not always fair, as he has improved quite a bit, but a large majority won't bother to look beyond what happens in the EPL. Still, the general consensus here is that Robben is still a douche who happens to perform exceptionally well at times. Personally I think van Bommel is an ever bigger asshole, but he's just more subtle and sneaky.

  3. (...) But Suarez was trying to draw cards every fucking time he got tiyched during the match. Lost all respect for him. Can you imagine if this had happened to England, Spain, or any other big country. There would be a call for suarez's head. It's a disgrace. (...)
    I know it's cheating and bad sportsmanship but fuck it. It's a game of life and death and he took a huge gamble, which paid off.

    This is an interesting debate that has been going for a while around these parts. He's the most successful Ajax striker we've seen in years, yet he will never be considered one of the greats merely because of his - in our perception - lack of sportsmanship. Suarez will do anything to win a game, including diving and faking injuries, and he's not afraid to admit it. He says it's simply the South American way of playing the game.

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