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  1. I like most of their clothing, most of it's very tasteful. Most of the lines they carry are good as well; except the corny freshness tees and the pseudo graff writer ojas crap. But the dudes that work there can be corny though: I remember I was in there in the winter and they were all geeking over this "new, underground dude who makes all his own beats!" Turns out they were talking about MF Doom.

  2. Summer collection seems to be selling out fast. Restocking? I stopped by last week and they didn't have the rain jacket thingy or any denim in my size. I haven't even got my catalog yet and it seems as though they are sold out. Is it the vacation set? Strange.

  3. What? Were you waiting for my response? I can tell that this is very, very important to you, and that seems a little odd. Keep it real man, I'm not gonna waste anymore time with the debate club on this thread.

  4. You're right dude. I am opposed to democracy, communication and taste. I am also neglecting my duty in using my "voice". Until now I had simply relied upon my money to signal my allegiances. I now know how grave my every outfit and t shirt decision is.

  5. Don't buy it then. I thought people were hating because they were taking the time to write elaborate dissertations explaining the faults of the line. Supreme, ssur, Recon, Irak, Nom De Guerre et al have all produced or sold bullshit designs; in comparison I find MTTM no worse. Grow up fellas.

  6. Does anyone else like the Deltas more than the Dunks? I seem to be in the minority. They seem more understated and less Liberace, ie.. no shoe jewelry and little stars. But i swear no more Nike.

  7. You'd be surprised to learn of the people in this world with image cosultants sonny. But let's not quibble. gimme a serious list of stylish people. i'm just trying to make this board a little bit more interesting than a glorified tipsheet.

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