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  1. M.I.A.

    For the US music scene she is special but not unlike Dizzee Rascal she is regulated to the "hipster" scene. I hope the press doesn't pigeon-hole her and make her a one hit wonder. That being said I think she has potential. I dig what she's trying to do. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  2. Rockers NYC

    Jo'burg's on the list of my top places to visit. Got fam there. SA doin' big things in fashion world from what i heard (and seen). ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  3. Rockers NYC

    The only Rockers I know is the one I mentioned. Didn't know there was another one. Check the site I gave u an' see if its the same one. Born: Ghana Raised: Liberia Landed: US of friggin A Always Makin' Africa POP! where you from IJF? ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  4. Just got back from MAGIC and...

    The trend is just a way for hiphop heads to incorporate the "dressed up look" Jay-Z promoted but still loose fitting gear. You have to figure that japanese brands mix the hiphop feel with the slight european cut which makes for a less baggy fit. Clones are clones and Jay-Z/Snoop/50 cent etc. set the standards. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  5. Rockers NYC

    -www.rockersitsdangerous.com -started in florida by two designers -line based on the classic Jamaican film Rockers. -hot gear ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  6. Best Online Boutiques? (Not Only Streetwear)

    http://www.revolveclothing.com http://www.guyshop.com ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  7. MAGIC/POOL tradeshows

    Which of the shows are better for small lines? MAGIC , POOL, PROJECT? Do you get as many buyers actually buying at the shows or is it just a big promotions party for clothing lines? Most of the info about the shows come from the show producers and though they say there are all these buyers from all over the world I'm not sure whether it's hype or truth. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  8. LRG?

    Does anyone know who owns/produces LRG? Obviously they have big money behind them but who are the principals? ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  9. MAGIC/POOL tradeshows

    thanks bobby ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  10. MAGIC/POOL tradeshows

    Any comments? Anything interesting? New designs to look out for? Other observations? (didn't get to go and would like to know what I missed) ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  11. Just got back from MAGIC and...

    Japanese lines are running the high end hiphop fashion world now. You got to figure that this is "exotic" for hiphop heads and as usuall they all fall in line once a celebrity wears it. I think BAPE f'd up with opening a store in the US. Exclusivity is eveything and they lost it totally. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  12. Is it just me...

    or is Soho (NYC) getting a little too generic? I just visited BAPE store for first time and was hardly impressed. I don't know if it is a true representation of the brand. Hope not. I noticed that a lot of the newer stores in the area are so generic . I don't know if its a reflection of NYC itself or fashion at large but I find it hard to find new fashion design ideas in NYC. Even NY Fashion week collections seemed to be a bust. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  13. Lemar & Dauley

    http://www.leaders1354.com also try Prohibit NYC ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  14. Can anyone suggest any manufacturers in the US who provide techniques similar to LRG clothing line? I know there are places which offer a good selection of tees and do complex screen and embroidery but am having a hard time locating one in the NY/NJ area. All the places I've come across are pretty much promotions companies who don't really deal with clothing lines. I would like to find some companies who can at least do screen, embroidery and maybe some other techniques (similar to LRG clothing line) and possibly change out tags. I know its a tall order for a small company. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!!
  15. New Fashion in New York

    Famous Friends 616 E. 9th St 212-460-9094 Haven't been but heard its hard to find. ______________________________ Making Africa Pop!!! www. annansi.com