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  1. My company is based out in LA and have an office in Tokyo.

    I have been working for a sister company that has produced clothing for JEANS MATE, ONWARD, AGLE, QUICKSILVER Japan, and other brands in URA-HARA.

    We have a good space in Aoyama Tokyo.

    We are looking for designers that want to try it out in Tokyo.

    We will help with advices on trends, culture, panterners, fabrics, and factories.

    Please send pictures of all of your latest designs by e-mail.

    [email protected]

    We also would like help in locating a good T-SHIRT factory and fabric factory out in LA with small lots.

    Both factories will need to make special original T`s and Fab.



  2. NICK> I live both in LA and in Tokyo

    LetÂfs try to meet when were in the same time zone. YES?

    Ageha has a outside dance space that looks out in to the Tokyo bay.

    They also have a lounge space with music with air beds.

    Hope you have a good one in Tokyo

    Oh! If you want to hook up with people who speak the English language check VELFARRE PLANET LOVE after hourÂfs party.

    This party will seem like you never left your country. (Wherever that might be)

    by this I mean youÂfll see more English speaking crowd.


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