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  1. i hear a men's FUDGE is in the works. or is it out. HUgE is cool. they have nice layouts and they don't look too much like a catalog. much of the stuff that gets play within the photoshoots are a little too "flamboyant" for me but they seem to touch base with the better "street"wear lables.

  2. san diego is a great city if you like to relax. if you are looking to party i would go to la.

    -beach communities such as encinitas, oceanside and del mar would be great if you want to disappear into a vacation-esque lifestyle with the beach so close.

    -downtown is good. growing by the minute. there about 10 cranes up within that square mile for expansion. the east village would be a good investment while its still relatively cheap.

    -northpark/hillcrest/normal heights is good for the artsy/musician types. lots of great places to eat/drink. biking to downtown isn't that bad f rom here. its about 3-5 miles each way at most.

  3. i wear

    apc new standards: 28

    ande whall grifters: TAG SIZE 78 (or 30.7). they run slim and do not stretch not nearly as much as the apcNS. great sold fit. i was surprised at the durability of these.

    levis LVC 1947: 30 super tight. after buying apcNS, i really cant find myself wearing these anymore with the long rise/low-crotch.

  4. are you looking for blanks? not sure. as for printed brands, perks & mini make fresh crew sweaters. graphic or not, the sweater is well made. i would have paid the same if it was a blank sweater. real talk.

  5. this may be a tangent. but if you like 1940's-50s jackets these are pretty ill.


    Quote: Our authentic American-made vintage baseball jackets represent the revival of craft in jacket-making. Although they may seem to superficially resemble modern award or school jackets, there are some key distinctions.

    First, only the finest wool melton is used. We use no recycled fibers. Second, the leather we select is “naked†– that means it is naturally tanned instead of chemically treated. The texture is soft and supple. Our jackets are cut a little long in the waist, which is the true historic baseball style.

    As in our flannels, decorations are what the team actually wore on the field – no more and no less – and vintage treatments include wool felt and chenille. Snaps, buttons or zippers match the original closures. Lining is rayon, and has inner “checkbook†pocket. Each jacket is hand-crafted, and made for a lifetime of wear.


    1946 Cleveland Buckeyes Jacket


    1955 San Francisco Seals Jacket


    1935 Tokyo Kyojin (Giants) Jacket


    1943 Kansas City Monarchs Jacket