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  1. fix. rad frame. i have the same one but stripped and powdercoated flat black. i couldnt stand the threadless fork so i went i and got a vintage threaded track fork. lugged frames should have quill stems imo.

    nice. please post photos when you finish.

  2. a friend of mine was able to score a pair of eras that that seemed to be part of the second series of wtapsxsyndicate eras. they looked and felt closer to vintage vans eras with a higher foxing that laid over the toe box...if that made sense. looking good.

  3. if you can stay at the ACE Hotel.. do it. I took a candid trip there last week and was lucky enough to get a room there last minute. Nice rooms and breakfast served till 12 noon.

    I had dinner at Black Bottle that was a block north of the Ace. Great cod.

  4. A friend recommended it to me while in Japan and didn't get to pick it up until recently. I just bought the 3rd issue. Great content, this magazine will discontinue 75% of my monthly rounds at the local mag stand. A refreshing media outlet for the global conscious. Buy it. Click on the pic.


  5. anyone here know anyone selling a frame between 50-53CMs for sale. a co-worker is looking for one. conidtion is not an issue as long as it doesnt have any gnarly dents.

  6. i bought My Freedamn 3 a few months ago. I think that the fact they cost around $60 strays away a lot of people. There isn't much textual content versus photodocu images. Still a great publication and a good visual source for designers. Saw a familiar face in Skip Frye as one of the featured board shapers. radical.

  7. osaka is rad! PM user name


    i recently stayed at his place about a month ago. he'll let you know the in and outs of some good spots to live. he just moved into his apartment a few weeks before i got there. i remember him mentioning that finding a good housing agent would be helpful.

  8. just got back from a japan tour myself.

    i second the raw nbhd jean from this season. they looked really good.

    hinoya seemed like the poster shop for most denim heads here. huge selection.

    black flag also had some good denim pieces.