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  1. its sad to say. sd has a horrible selection when it comes to the mentioned brands.

    barneys co-op is your best bet at the fashion valley mall. you should be eating california burritos in san diego anyway. i'd make the trek up to LA to shop for clothes. hope this helps dude.

    big time help here


  2. Any recs on available coffee beers? The Berkshire Brewing Co.'s Coffeehouse Porter is one of my faves; wondering if theres other stuff that's East Coast friendly I should try.

    Ballast Point: Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter

    edit: i don't really drink coffee/porter/stout type beers though. so im not really a reliable source on it's quality as a "coffee beer". i liked it though. and that matters? ha.

  3. Selling these for my roommate who has way too many shoes. They are both in 9/10 condition, and I'm a tough critic. They still have the "new shoe" smell as well. Both with original dust bags and tissue. Awesome price for shoes that are almost new.

    Visvim Mowat Black G00000011-01 sz 10 $150 Shipped




    VISVIM Skynryd Ring Moccassin Black Gold G00000009-01 sz 10 $150 Shipped




  4. i had a Canon G9. i loved it up until the day i lost it at a bar. bummer. it was pretty sturdy and had a lot of manual options. there are a lot of really cool 3rd party products for it as well. (franiec/lensmate). im still thinking if i should get a g10 or wait until more "Micro Four Thirds" type cameras step into the market.