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    tcb duck russian telnyashka tcb 20s paraboot
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    I wish you all happy eid al fitr for those who celebrate, warm greetings from indonesia.
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    The smart ones probably do. But not me. So, these are the 1880s natural indigo. For me they are the last great LVC. FOr all their many faults, there was some great work going on, especially from Cone. To think someone grew the indigo, experimented with dyeing, then developed a fabric from scratch for a run of a few 100 jeans is pretty much insane. I put them in a 30 degree wash wihtout soap to shrink them down as I know, being loomstate, these will shrink a lot. At the same time I hand-washed my 1890s then shoved them in the wash with the 1880s. these are the version with Kurabo fabric. Some weird odddities, like a paint finish on the buttons, but some great features, like the very agricultraul rivets. I was alerted to these jeans on sale very early in this thread. £75. THat was probably 12 years ago or more. I have worn them every summer bar the last one, light jeans being perfect for the hot weather. After maybe 10 months of wear, they are starting to look broken-in.
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    Le Laboureur Two ears brand Gbg001 Paraboot
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    Just found the photos and although off topic, thought l'd post this old photo from 1987 or 88. Somewhere near Dobbs Ferry, NYC. Sorry about the pic clarity . Keeping it on topic, l'm wearing a pair of cuffed big E's!
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    and post wash. Two different interpretations of an 1800s fabric, with key similarities but also big differences. The Kurabo is very green, which we associate with natural indigo. These are a bit like the 201 fabric, very hard to wear in, with very turquoise mid tones. But these have a much much finer yarn. The 1880s fabric is fascinating, as it really is natural indigo, grown in Tennessee, but is a much more red or even purple hue - like we'd associate with synthetic. It's very fluffy, crinky fabric. You'd expect this to have a similar texture to the Roy Contest loomstate, which was loomstate based on a similar yarn design, but this is fluffier and crinklier. almsot certainly some of this is down to the variations of the cotton, year on year.I love the combination of very fine yarn and very fine stitching. It's one detail that LVC get right. The stitching seems to sink right into the denim, and I lvoe the muted effect in the 1890s. if these are like the 3-pleat jacket, or my old SDA natural indigo which had a fiarly similar hue, these will be absolute bastards to wear in. So i'll see y'all in 10 years. Dr Heech won't know, but I've executed a career swerve to being a teacher. So most of the year denim is weekend only, but for the summer I'll be clad in these babies, 7 days a week.
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    some roy 'heavy shirt' photos... i've "worn it sometimes and washed it whenever" for the last few years, not anything crazy. the texture, the way the seams pucker, the metallic 'ting' of the nickel/brass buttons... woah. Roy said that the denim was meant to be similar to Lee's "Jelt" but w/o the grey fill. great cone mills loomstate fabric, 9oz 2x1. kinda wild to think he only made 88 of them. the two photos at the end are of when it was new.
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    More on topic today... Eternal / Resolute / Tricker's x The Bureau
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    Caught in the act once again Bronson Whitesville Ooe Cons
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    Ebbets cap WFG mask old miUSA Russell Athletic t (big thanks to @Double 0 Soul for the help with this. I'm really happy with it) Hollows CSF Deadstock miUSA Chucks
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    superfuture gave Rough Sleeper a warning for this postReason: PERMABANNED. GOODBYE FOREVER SUPERTROLL · Points: 7
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    Texas Hatters FW Vermilyea Pelle FW Lofgren
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    FH 3005, homemade mask courtesy of the wife, dog
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    Same lake, different outfit papa nui / flat head / sda
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    Knickerbocker mfg cap, raybans, indigofera, tender, gbg, rw
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    Great progress there! Went on a little walk some days ago. Started in this small, pittoresque village which is also a healt resort. First views when leaving the village Over fields Passing a small church Perfect place for a small snack, best part of a walk Passing the backside of the church of our walk back This house is called the Swiss House A glimpse of the castle which is in the village Arrived back at the village directly at the castle. It's still inhabited by the family Fürstenberg
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    Hemmed / lightly-used SC40510 Just Drift With Groove They're actually a size too big for me, and I'm likely going to end up selling them off sooner rather than later, but I had always wanted to see a pair of these in person and there was no way I was gonna pass up on the opportunity. If you think you might be interested, let me know—happy to provide measurements, etc., on request.
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    Deadstock M41051 INFERNO BASIC
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    XX-019-BB I wore these very sparingly for over a year. Decided they needed a wash so wore them for a month at work and god dam did they fade quick.
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    bandit tee MF Midnight after warm wash and dryer. Fit like a damn glove baby!
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    SC40510 fit 2" too wide & 3" too short, but I think the two almost cancel each other out
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    Freewheelers Brakeman Coat, Horsehide, Canyon Brown #1531004
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    Jeans shirt and loafers. Tcb 60s, drake's, 986!