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    Haven't posted all that much lately so here is more of the same Warehouse sweat Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Jordan 1
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    Obviously not today, but just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Freewheelers Jackson suit from our wedding. I think it turned out nicely! Paired with a @Duke Mantee belt and John Lofgren USN shoes as well as a FW Parker shirt. All that being said, I know I'm not the star of the show on this day.
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    I haven't washed it for 1 year and 8 months since I wore it.
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  5. 42 points
    I like myself better in simple outfits...less chance to do it wrong
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    the mercury drops enough stepping back into denim... vintage j.c.higgins for sears n roebuck-big yank/anatomica-tender132-birks
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    warehouse jacket real mccoys sweatshirt sugar cane jeans
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    60s (?) Sears workshirt, old shirt I printed on, Duke belt of course, tcb 50s n flat head boots.
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    Freewheelers Trackwalker, Duke’s Belt (the best you can buy), Freewheelers Lot 601RB, Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Brogue
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    TCB, cathartic, buzz. Vans
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    Denime - Merz - Resolute - Chucks
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    MF open and closed / 8.15 / FHUTT (not visible) / FW / Viberg... same old stuff
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    kapital hat -- buzz rickson jacket --vintage shirt -- samurai jeans -- viberg boots
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    I’ve gone full denim. TCB Sugar Cane TCB
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    Columbia knit / Vintage M65 / Boncoura 66 / Russels
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    Take a walk on the wide side... FW Obbi Good Full Count Paraboot
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    enjoying the FW 27s and the A2 at the top... three variations on known knowns... tcb s40s tux - rw aero-orslow-tcb-rw surplus m65-tcb-sugar cane-attractions
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    Levi's506xx TOYS McCOY Levi's501 "bigE"
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    Warehouse jacket, Brass / Signal Garments jeans
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  21. 35 points
    It's the Daisy Age.... again
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    tender wallaby shirt on an unnamed beach in ambon, indonesia
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