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    Ah gotcha, lemme help you out with a reliable seller. https://acrnm.com/products/P32-DS_SS19
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    Some in-person impressions of several of the pieces from this first release: J61-GTV: I have never been particularly enamored of any iteration of this coat, so I didn't bother to try this one on. Looked fairly similar to the -WS and -GT versions which I had seen / tried on during previous releases; obviously your mileage will vary if this is a style you like. Didn't look like anything drastically different from the earlier iterations to me, though. Admittedly I am not the right person to ask for details about this one. J79TS-GT: This is a very boxy cut, much larger for the tagged size than I would have expected. My friend who usually wears L or XL in Acronym jackets could easily fit into the M on this; for my own frame I think it is a bit too large (5'9" 125lbs). The front pocket array is interesting, but doesn't feel like it would be as useful as the J1A to me. I did like the look of the hood, despite not usually liking jackets where it cannot be detached or stowed. J29-PX: This looked better in person to me than in the photos. The fabric doesn't seem as translucent as the previous -PX coat, and the fuzzy lining in the body was an unexpected (and in my opinion, nice) touch. The collar in folded-down blazer mode is a little questionable given the thickness of the fabric, but I think it looks pretty great standing up, and I like the pocket array on this one. This was the one piece I actually ended up purchasing, though I was tempted by a couple others. J65-AJ: I liked the general look of this pattern in the -AJ material quite a lot. The silhouette flares outwards noticeably in profile (not actually pictured in any of the official product shots), which on my frame looked a bit funny -- it's not a particularly even flare, either; it gave me sort of an artificial paunch. On someone with a sturdier build where this fits more tight to the frame, I think it would look really great, though. Definitely more interesting to me than the boiled wool versions of this jacket from the earlier season. J77-AM: This was the piece I was most tempted to purchase aside from the J29. I tried it on over a black buttondown, and it looked great. The hood is not bulky at all, so I didn't mind it being attached to the sweater. My favorite detail was the shoulder pockets; they give it a bit of an aggressive silhouette without being over the top. I don't know how this would look with something other than a long-sleeve black shirt under it, and the price feels a bit too high for what it is, but I did quite like this one. P34-*: I was a bit torn over this one. I tried it on in the -E fabric, which I liked a lot and thought was suitable for the pant -- I own a J33-E, which is a nice pattern, but I think the -E fabric probably works better for pants than jackets, though this is a personal preference. I didn't try on the -S version but probably wouldn't personally consider it, since I own a lot of pairs of Stotz pants and liked the lighter feel of the -E fabric. I also really liked the tapered silhouette of the ankle, which broke at just the right height for me wearing sneakers. However, the waistline on these pants is very large -- impossible for me without a belt, and if I unclipped my belt to go to the bathroom I'd have to carefully hold them up, which isn't something I'd really like to worry about in practice. I also found the cargo pocket array a bit overwrought and somehow uninspiring. I would be very interested in a version of this pant without the cargo pockets though (or at least without the zippered pocket on the left), and a smaller waistband for the tagged size. NG5-AK: I didn't put this one on, but this was very soft and comfortable to the touch. It is quite wispy; seemingly moreso to me than the long -AK neck gaiter with the "2-part hem" from a few seasons back as I recall, though I could be misremembering. Kind of expensive for what you're getting though. I didn't get to see the hat in person, but assuming it is the same fabric as the J65, I think it'd be quite cozy. I don't wear a lot of hats though, so I don't have strong feelings on the style.
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    My 20s contest jeans. It should be transmitted just by looking at the picture.
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    also this beautiful adventure ends ... thanks for your blue company!!
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    Back in highschool I bought a pair of Lot 10 Samurai S0500xx with that hairy 15oz Texas cotton. I loved them, but I fully duped myself in sizing. I was also, let's say, wider, then. But I persevered and wore them as much as I could. Still, I'm wishing I could wear this old pair. Years later, I tried a pair of Eternals. Beautiful denim, and so far have gotten more beautiful with infrequent wear, but the fit just doesn't do it for me, and they mostly stay hung in my closet unfortunately. After shopping around and trying different fits, PBJ's newish tapered fit seemed like the way to go, but nostalgia had me pretty hard and I wanted another go at that Texas cotton. I ended up with a brand new pair of Samurai S0511xx tapered fit, IN THE CORRECT size. I gave them a hot wash, no detergent, and partial tumble dry, and am getting them hemmed at Self Edge soon. Lot 10 S0500XX Been a huge minute since I posted anything, and I'm stoked to be back in it.
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    The Flat Head Orslow Resolute Sagara
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    みなさん、こんにちは!私の名前はナユタです。私は日本人です。 女性が着用するTCB20sコンテストジーンズ。ジーンズと一緒に過ごした過去18か月間は有意義でした。世界中のコンテスト参加者に感謝します。 そして、変色を手伝ってくれた2匹の猫が大好きです!幸せなジーンズを作ってくれたtcbjeansに感謝します。 みんなありがとう!とても楽しかったです!!またね! 写真処理なし。天候により変化しにくい。
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    bum bum bum @yabyoshi final submission...
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    Journal Standard (outer), thrifted t shirt, Resolute 710, Sagara capital (longwing)
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    This is my first post after a long time. I wore it for one year Please forgive me though there are a lot of photos. Hahaha
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    this is the final submission by Kamei Senpai from Japan
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    PBJ Sashiko Type3 Merz b. Schwanen PBJ SLB-019 Veja V-12
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    Blacksign Red Cloud Indigo Camping Trailer
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    Arms down eyes closed. Arket, Bluesville, Han Kjøbenhavn, SC MP-597, Cons 70’s
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    Final submission by yours truly! I am sorry I haven't been able to wear these jeans as much as I want, mostly because of a massive weight loss that made the fit look different from what I was after.. Anyhoo, I love them and will keep wearing them too, of course. Front view Peasant sashiko repairs plus the amazing texture of denim, love the vertical falling on this. Legendary Tcb roping, de rigeur More 5 yrs old repairs Choof Choof Love the plain selvedge
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    deadstock M41200 34x36, hell yeah
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    shortly: initial pair sent to me got lost/sunk in a Golf of Finland, so in several weeks guys from Göteborg Manufaktur sent another one that reached closer to me but DHL said "no! not to him" and sent it back to shop...sooo another try sending and after several days fighting with customs I got them (guys at Göteborg Manufaktur are the best!!). finally dried from initial wash and (yeah, all of you I see your 6-8 weeks progress) got first wear today. will try to keep up
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    Imagine copping a $2k jacket and knowingly literally nothing about it. :clowns:
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    ENTRY SG TIJUANA LEVI'S 70550 DENIME 25th anniversary SCARPA Margarita GTX
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    Took some new pics of the old Warehouse 1001XX world tour jeans. Haven't seen much wear since the world tour though.