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    Wanted to share my thoughts on the 76 after about a month of use Been looking for an everyday type shell to replace my j1a-gt that’s a bit more low-key on design but still has the utility. Looks wise it reminds me of the 32 + elements of the 66. The 43/47 are a little too plain for me, but this strikes a nice balance between clean silhouette / storage / features. So lets talk zippers since that's the main selling point on this one. No soft plastic on the tips is great and makes one handed operation easy. Haven’t got caught as much as I thought since they lay flatter and they're not double zips like normal gravity pockets which tend to catch on most things. There is a slight snugness right at the arm joints and under the pit - no loss in mobility, just a bit of stiffness from the lamination. The holster pockets are roomy and extend far back. This can make it a bit awkward reaching smaller items at times. They can fit 2 point n shoots and don’t get in the way of arms when walking. I like having the weight distributed up here instead of lower so it doesn't weigh the jacket down and you don't feel it sag as much. Can't really access the right one if you're wearing a bag though. I like the vents as I usually run hot and works well lined with the short sleeve 65. New cinch cuff design is great. I usually never have to adjust the cuffs, but the cut is wider in the openings so even when you do cinch, you can still use the gravity pocket which was an issue with previous designs. Can also use gravity pockets with a liner attached due to the wide cuff design. You don't have to fold over the cuff to tighten - it kind of auto cinches, so when you pull the tab the cuff tightens and you can do it with one hand. Maybe not exclusive to this jacket, but the new storm hood is also great. It's deep, but conforms to the shape of your head well even when you move up and down and still gives you peripheral vision with enough overhang in front keeping the rain off your face. Expansion zip does help with interops if that's your thing. I usually wear it lined so it's a moot point. As someone had commented earlier, I do wish it had a secondary zip for helping you when you sit. I do miss the chest to neck zip like on the j1 since I like to wear things half open, but the 2 cf closures do a good enough job. Things I didn't like about the j1a gt (2.0) - Short storm hood, never felt it really did a good job, mostly wore it without. Never used any of the pockets except for flak. I found them too profile so fitting hands in them was tight / mezz pocket behind the flak usually had things falling out when bending over. All other gimmicks improved upon with the 76 (interops, gravity, cuff, storage, hood...) Biggest thing was probably sizing though since it was a small. Found it too tight to layer with the 58 and 65 and didn't like how snug it started to fit overall. So went with a medium in the 76 for more room and have been much happier. More pics here: https://imgur.com/a/uyvbYff
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    As Lopiteaux said above, it very much depends on the trouser. The P10-DS is still the comfiest pant I have ever worn, I sold my Stotz and CH versions (still have the epic) , I just don't think the rigidity of the material suits the cut. If you've ever tried running up a flight of stairs in both, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. As another example, I sold my P24A-DS and kept the Stotz. The rigidity of Stotz suits the bigger cut much better imo, and gives the trouser a much stronger look, whereas the DS collapses almost into a sweatpant style. That said, the 24A-DS was my favourite travel pant for a while, ample storage for passports and documents and super comfy for long flights. I could go on, P17 - I prefer the DS over the Stotz for super comfy summer pants. P30 - I prefer the CH over the DS, the shape and drape hold better in CH. You get the idea, different pants suit different materials better, but at the end of the day, it's just whatever works best for you.
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    Not sure if the P-32s have been discussed much here, but in case they haven’t... They are cut long (I’ve been rolling them at the cuff to help with the length and give a bit more taper), and are looser than I expected. Looser than the P-23A, you certainly don’t have to worry about sizing for calves with these. I like how they sit on the hip, pocket placements are easy to access and don’t feel like they dip too low. A little unsure about the relative lack of taper down the leg, but I’m going to keep them and see how I feel after a few times out.
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    Enough with those great, faded jeans! Time for something "new" and boringly unworn The idea of these jeans sparked last year and this year I finalized the details with Yoshiaki. And since I sold the WW2 Santa Cruz in size 36, something had to fill the void. Some may recognize the jeans but I will add the answer at the bottom of this post. So here it is, a new pair of WW2 jeans. Sorry for the photo dump! And the answer: from the XX book, jeans number 24. A late WW2 pair but funnily with a crotch rivet.
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    No1 Lot 2000. Two years, fourteen washes, I think. Please click here for lots more photos!
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    Crappy iPhone pic... Sorry! The Real Mcoys OOe Paraboot
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    The Flat Head Godspeed Store Co Mister Freedom Wesco
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    Tropicthundervintage // Realmccoys // Visvim
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    Our legacy x Ebbets field cap, Stüssy deluxe jacket, Arket bag, vintage shirt, The steam locomotive jeans and vintage Nikes.
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    Outing with the family. Cold again but sunny. Ebbets field, Todd Snyder parka, EG scarf, APC sweatshirt, Universal works OCBD, LVC 66’s and Clarks.
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    Sugar Cane Sports Jacket Levi's Vintage Clothing 1933 Role Club Underdogs
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    Picked up a 507XX today. Grail piece for me. Will shoot more pics when I find the time (and decent lighting).
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    Triffer / Realthing / Overcomer 051 / Warriors
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    Hey guys, I have some very exciting news to share. Soon I will release a collaboration I’ve done with my good friends at http://www.goteborgmanufaktur.se and Shingo-san of Denimbridge, sewn by the one man army Kuniyoshi-san of Double Volante in their new project Denim Base. 14 oz greatness made in Japan with a really nice vintage vibe to the fabric and a lovely olive herringbone fabric for the pocketbags. Measurements: Size W26 W27 W28 W29 W30 W31 W32 W33 W34 W35 W36 W38 W40 Waist/inch 25 26 27 28 29 29.9 30.9 31.9 32.9 33.8 34.4 36.4 38.4 Front rise/inch 10.6 10.8 11 11.2 11.4 11.6 11.8 12 12.3 12.4 12.6 13 13.4 Back rise/inch 12.6 12.8 13 13.2 13.4 13.6 13.8 14 14.2 14.4 14.6 15 15.4 Thigh/inch 11.1 11.3 11.6 11.8 12 12.3 12.5 12.8 13 13.2 13.5 14 14.4 Knee/inch 7.5 7.6 7.8 8 8.1 8.3 8.4 8.6 8.7 8.9 9.1 9.2 9.2 Leg opening/inch 6.9 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.7 7.8 7.9 8 8 8 Inseam/inch 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 Shingo measures the front and back rise a little differently which gives different measurements from the BiG-method. Here you can see how he measured them if you scroll down: http://denimbridge.jp/overseas Fabric: A14 oz denim with a very light pink selvedge-ID made by a blend of US cotton. It was made to capture the essence of vintage Cone and I'd say it turned out very well. It starts out flat and uniform before it hits water, then it crocks like crazy (which you kind of can see in the pic above). Should get some nice vertical falling, going by the washed samples. The fabric is made exclusively for Denimbridge by Yamaashi mill in Okayama on a Toyoda shuttleloom. According to Shingo it's a small factory which is an important factor for both Shingo and us in this project. If you want to see a little of how the fabric ages Shingo has started using it for his latest Denimbridge cut. http://denimba.com/denimbase/2018/11/03/23478 Since there's been talk about doing a Denimbridge contest for a few years now I was thinking now might be a good time with a special release. The jeans will be made in August so a contest could be possible to start late September. I'll have more info to share in the next couple of days and will post more details about the jeans. But for now, what do you guys say, shall we put up a contest? Edit: I will continue to update the first post when we release more info. Here's sneakpeak shots to get a little bit excited:
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    It's not much, but at least I can show you the backpocket design, with a little help of Svea.
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    The Real Mccoy's 2x OrSlow OakStreet Bootmakers
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    TCB Seamens Jumpers Edwin Shirt TCB 50s Hidalgo boots
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    I know English badly, and the majority will not understand Russian. Therefore, I will answer questions. Jeans are bought through ZenMarket, the Japanese intermediary, in j-e-a-n-s.net shop. I will load other photos tomorrow.
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    The thing about FH's leather jackets, boots, and related items is that they produce them in such microscopic quantities that even if they sell, it hardly matters from an overall revenue perspective. Probably at least 90% of the jackets and boots go to their company stores (which I'm guessing will no longer be around, since I never understood how these perpetually-empty Dessert Hills Market storefronts throughout Nagano made any money.) You can't even buy those items from most major online Japanese retailers like 2ND. I'm curious about what the reorganization means for the Stockburg leather workshop. It always seemed like they had a massive backlog of orders that they couldn't keep up with demand - I guess it's possible that changed in the last few years, but I like to think they'll keep producing stuff, since it's some of the best leatherwork coming out of Japan period. What a lot of people don't realize is that Flat Head has cycled around many different sub-brands over the years. Gotta Roll was supposed to be more "modern" and appeal to a younger/non-Amekaji crowd, but it had been discontinued by the time I showed up in 2013. Ditto for Googies, their Ivy-inspired label, which always felt like it had some overlap with the upscale RJB stuff. Then there was Hard Bird, some kind of collaboration between Kobayashi and some dudes "DJ Dragon" and Shinji Takeda (who if I remember right is some actor) that resulted in a lot of really tacky looking stuff that IMO devalued the main brand. Then they came out with "MK Label" which was supposed to be even more luxurious than RJB but was really just FH jeans with some different embroidery and ultrasuede. All of these different labels hurt the brand, they'd have been better off keeping it to just Flat Head and RJB. If I was tasked with "fixing" Flat Head, I'd close down almost all the stores aside from Nagano (City), Tokyo and Osaka, discontinue all the sub-brands, re-tool Flat Head to keep their basic jeans, plain T-shirts, flannel shirts, denim and leather jackets, shoes, and wallets, and then experiment with new stuff under the new label.
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    continuing that tender feeling 921 edited jkt & lvc 76 & russell mocs
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    Diefenthal Roy Post Samurai TCB Viberg
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    J16 journey through the years. SS-J16/LRG jeans/Black cement IIIs GT-J16/P10TS-DS/LF1 J16-GT/P10A-E/AVM