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    thanks for donation. banned 5 days.
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    lol, no one gets a Lambo for its interior cmon breh
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    Chambray posted with trepidation given quality chat elsewhere. My excuse - it’s a 60s repro (spy orange tab) by which time (I’ve learnt) rules were out the window. LVC / LVC / Sugar Cane / celebratory VE Day cider
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    Denimbridge 05/DB19 These are made by Kuniyoshi-san from Double Volante. The cut is the 05 cut which is the same as the contest jeans. The DB19 denim is Shingo-san's latest denim which weighs 12.7 oz, is a tad looser weave and his darkest and neppiest denim. Pics galore: A pleasant surprise Two-tone arcs
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    Bronson WH Buco orSlow DM MiE
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    tillmann-like i rise and shed pounds, my fc 1108 fits again!
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    Just the old contest '50s. Sadly so much life left in the indigo, just not the crotch.
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    Same same Triffer hat/ Tcb jkt/ Lee Jp overalls/ Onderhoud
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    Also, if you really are Lamborghini's interior designer, then the hexagons everywhere are played out, hiding the start button underneath a flip-top switch like it's a fighter plane is the automotive equivalent of wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt, the UI on your infotainment system is utterly hideous, and those toggle switches were shit when Mini started doing them, they're still shit when you do them. Signed, a man who gets paid to drive and write about Lamborghinis.
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    checking work wear sleeve length across the continent... 90's 'sassacus' cap / bleu de travail / lvc '15 / rw pecos
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    I took some photos of my WWII jeans after another wash. It’s got more texture than expected. It’s got prob 9 months of wear with about 10 washes or so. It def made its way into the dryer a couple times. It’s kind of a funny “wwii” jean with some sort of correct details but mostly it’s a completely different Jean in fit, denim and details Also took some pictures of my sda Heavy weight indigo T-shirt. It’s one of the heaviest and tightly woven T-shirt fabrics. It withstood a cut from a box cutter. Kind of nuts.
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    Enough with the personal attacks. Age-shaming, really? You know how old Errolson is? Gibson is an octogenarian and has more drip than y’all. Stop showing your asses.
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    agree with you, but I think some may feel guilty to admit it because ACR is expensive and half to justify their purchase with the different features rather than just its aesthetics. As @Nebulae mentioned I think people that justify ACR by these flashy features are doing a huge disservice to ACR. The pattern-making and articulation is what really sets ACR apart, but these are technical details that are largely "invisible" to the naked eye, and even more so to the consumer that has no idea about garment construction to begin with. That's why you get kids that say it's over-priced. If you look back a few pages to @thatslapz impressions on the J1E, I guarantee most people don't even understand half the words he used, let alone why changes to them make a garment better, worse, or different. The devil is in the details for any hobby--garments are no different. I have a friends that are into fishing, cars, audiophiles, power tools, etc. and I definitely don't understand all the intricacies that separate a beginner level item from the higher-end and therefore can't appreciate them. But I can at least understand that the difference is there. If you understand just one hobby in-depth, I feel like you can understand all of them to some degree because you learn there is so much that can go into an item that the average person has no clue about.
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    Hoya Fields MFG Sugar Cane OG107 Converse little bit closer for the detail;
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    post-wash lot.1000
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    CSF / FW / At Last / Lofgren / Stetson, Equus, Velva Sheen (non viz)
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    filson-anatomica goes big yank-lvc37-rw
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    Imagine still talking about ACR pricing in 2020. As a long time fan, price is irrelevant simply because there is no alternative to ACR. So many people claim there are but none offer examples. If there was a cheaper alternative everyone would buy that. Nothing that looks like this performs like this at a lower price point and that's why you're all so mad.
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    Morning walk to the shop in my M-46 tux First time I've worn the 46 jeans in a while 'there in need of a few repairs , few broken stitches in the crotch , small hole forming on the whiskers and both cuffs are wearing through the fold but they have held up really well for the 2 plus years of wear they have had
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    @Jared_Lee Looks clean! Here’s my CB750K. Took the bike on a 300km loop around the Ontario/Quebec region near Ottawa. Sears/SDA/TCB
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    Warehouse open front jumper / LVC 20s henley / Denime 66 / Nike
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    I sent this photo to a friend to make him jealous. I posted my 20s and 50s to Inoue-San purely as I needed the space and so they had a nice home. They've used the 20s for three blog entries recently so I don't feel too bad about getting a free shawl collar jacket in olive, plus a pair of 60s (not in pic).
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    And the 800s. Haven't worn these in a bit, need to get the crotch repaired.