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    Canes Leepro M41101 / At Last / Tender / Buckweat
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    This pair of vintage Levi's gotten a little bit loosey goosey so I gave them a good hot soak with a bit of Bronner's (no agitation). As they were drying the colors were really popping so I took a few shots in the sun light. I love how you can see in the entire lifespan of the fabric in that waistband. Frayed and faded on the edges but the indigo is still inky and dark and the denim is still hairy in the middle. Levi's 501 shrink to fit, Made in USA late 80s
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    A trip to Manchester (on a school night last week ) to see Pokey Lafarge play at Band on the Wall... his betrothed Hamilton Addie made a welcome appearance too
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    Added the 41mm sub to the watches and denim collection.
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    Experimenting a little bit today. Came across this oddball jacket while thrifting and picked it up purely for the intersting fabric and pattern (looks like some kind of indigo) to make a scarf or hankie. But then I tried it on and kinda loved the fit. So then it became a self imposed challenge to style it. Let me know what you think. In person, I received a disproportionate and surprising amount of compliments last night. Vintage Barlesoni Homburg $5 sunglasses Weird thrifted cropped sleeve indigo print jacket The Smiths tee Vintage black leather belt Vintage Levi's 517 (black tab, cotton/poly) Grinders western zip boots with snip toe and cowboy heel (cowboy chelsea?) I had been looking for a new pair of cowboy/western ankle boots and after much searching I came across these and took a shot. As you may know Grinders are mainly known for making rugged Doc Marten's punk type boots but they have a Western inspired line (bench made in Mexico, goodyear welt, all leather construction) and so far I'm pretty impressed with the quality and fit especially for the price.
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    Cross-posting from WH thread: Warehouse 800xx, 9 months, three washes, since fall 2020. I really love these jeans, probably the best-fitting pair I've ever worn, wonderful denim, nice detailing, everything about these is just right. Now focusing on my 1001xx, which is around 6 months of wear. Guess I'll try to photograph those soon, too.
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    Turns out that I was sent the black Boncoura 66 instead of the 9th anniversary…womp womp womp. They faded fine anyway.
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    I've been digging some earth from one raised section.. and shoveling it to the next raised section. Exhausting!.. I don't know how Fred West did it? ...also being a kind soul, my (botanist) neighbour Mary has always admired the^ large camellia at the top of our garden so i've carefully excavated under the root bowl and i'm going to plant it in her garden In the nature of the thread.. i was wearing McCoys 003 I'll be filling the skip tomorrow... eventually i'm going to build a green oak pergola on the top section and a seating area on the bottom section.. i'll try to incorporate those vintage brass flip down seats i reclaimed from that doctors surgery which i used for the narrow boat project.
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    Ha! We’re backing ourselves so far into a principled corner.. they’ll only be Warehouse or Denime to choose from soon
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    Presenting the Winners of the Warehouse + Signet Fading Contest Thank you all for the wait! After much deliberation, we've decided on the following contenders as our winners. Our criteria was a general mixture of preference, experience, objective observation, and closeness to vintage jeans and Warehouse & Co.'s fading (as depicted in their Historic Wear Lightning Book), but the following choices were constants amongst all of our judges decisions. We've also decided to include two 3rd placers because these contenders were tied in our voting. Here are the winners! 1st Place: Lot 66 | Prize: 2 Warehouse Denim Jeans & 1 Denim Jacket 2nd Place: Lot 94 | Prize: 1 Warehouse Denim Jean & 1 Denim Jacket 3rd Place: Lot 31 & Lot 76 | Prize: 1 Warehouse Denim Jean each (tied for 3rd place) Our winners may choose their prizes from TheSignetStore.com or Warehouse & Co.'s online store (subject to availability). We shall get in touch with each of you with the specifics. We'd also like to show appreciation for all who participated, so we're offering a prize to everyone who submitted photos of their jeans for final judging. Each will receive one Plain Warehouse Tee of their choice. We'll be reaching out to you for more information. Thank you to all who participated. We look forward to seeing you in the next competition!
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    Fuck sake - one minute you’re complaining there’s no action on the FW thread now you’re saying it’s hyped. You northerners are right fickle.
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    plus: notification of joining seiko army... turtle on a jubilee
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    down the horological rabbit hole, back out with a tisell with horological flowers [whilst in Geneva had the chance to gawk at quite a few things down the rue du rhone; the Richard Mille shop only had one piece in the window, whilst plastering the airport with these crazy pieces... from my brief looking in general the winners in the Swiss game are the divers of Tudor Pelagos and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, but in general have my eyes much more on tool aesthetics of Seiko and Sinn]
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    Warehouse cowboy jeans probably my favorite pair of denim at the moment.
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    Bagjack is great, but at the end of the day people are making these bags, and people make mistakes both in production and QC. You’re unlikely to have this issue, but customer support has your back and if it doesn’t - a chargeback from your card provider will. “Made in Germany” really doesn’t mean anything. And about the Cordura bags, they utilise the exact same pattern. It’s just the material that’s different
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    Staying home kit. Sda work shirt/freenote t/PTC/tcb/socks
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    vintage R. Crumb Robert Johnson portrait tee - one of my favourite shirts that I don’t get to wear too often cause it’s an XL lol Duke belt of course Belatonte trousers - just got these in, they are really a perfect fit and the most comfortable pants I own. Thanks so much for the recommendation, @Hopethisoneisnttaken! Unmarked sneakers
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    Phigvel phigvel phigvel red wing coffee
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    A marked absence of the color blue. Black Sign MF FW Penahaus
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    Weekend walks to the market w/ my mini-me. Blluemade Linen Cap Full Count Western 3sixteen Pima Tee Warehouse 900xx Ecru DSPTCH Tote Vans DX Slip Ons
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    It’s been a while. Looks like I have some reading up to do here. Throwing in some Resolute 710’s for good measure.
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    Thanks for the feedback y’all. Got it figured out. some post-wash pics
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    I'm fixing to get these 211VX repaired soon here. The crotch has def seen better days, so I figured I'd take a few pics before giving them their first machine (probably) wash. Still not sure if I should send them to Self Edge or wait for Indigo Proof to open her books.. Thoughts? I go through phases - wearing them often, then maybe once a week, so I have no real figure of how much wear they've gotten. Really gorgeous fabric though.
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    Found some 19oz Samurai 710's that have been folded up in my closet for the past few years. Unfortunately they are far too small for me now.
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