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    Very cool book I received for my birthday in 2003. I was happy to find it back two years ago at my mother place.
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    Baracutta G9 Jelado Type 1 Sugar Cane Chambray shirt Ooe Yofukuten OA01
  3. 3 points
    Ooe x Bandanna Almanac... I've been wearing these only an hour a day in the morning and the odd day / evening so definitely slow burners. Hard to tell from the photos but some really lovely blue coming gently through
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    IH 1955S-SLB (slubby) & FW shirt
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  6. 2 points
    the 1001 pair I bought in april '22 (see page 345) and worn ever since for around 80% of the time, like 4 60° celsius washes outside out. the 32,5" shrank to an 30" inseam.
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    vintage FW shirt from Duke FW 601b Nicks moc toe
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    Vintage FW shirt from @Duke Mantee Paired with the 601b
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    Finally putting this beauty on duty
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    I've always wanted an oversized jacket but since I'm quite tall and it's not always easy for me to find my size in jackets, I was forced to order this one when I saw they produced the JELADO 407EXX Age of Longing Black Tag in size 50. Here are the measurements from the Bears website: Width 69cm Shoulders 56cm Lenght 66cm Hem 64cm Sleeves 67cm
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    Work trousers LOT 403, hemmed at local tailor.
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    Is that a tie-front shirt?! Lovely album
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    Denime - Arket - Denime - Converse
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    We are very sorry for your loss Stewart. We hope you're doing well.. Your jeans look absolutely amazing , you've really done a superb job on these.
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    Turns out that I was sent the black Boncoura 66 instead of the 9th anniversary…womp womp womp. They faded fine anyway.
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    A bit dressed up in Monterey a few days back. Sun in my eyes hence the po'd expression. RRL RS MF Paraboot
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    Sugar Cane 1953 Jacket Freewheelers Ironall 1920-1930s Long sleeve shirt Whitesville grey T-shirt Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX-0522 Nike Terra Humara
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    @MJF9 that’s beautiful. I wish it was snowing here. But it’s already spring for us. evening walk sunset from yesterday.
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    Sugar cane m11026 - homemade tee - 80s carhartts - flat head engineers
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    Pulled out some color today. Tender / WH / NB x lost art
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    calling @crownzip over to this thread... for me; nothing special, a x-post; but staying with the volumes for wintery feels m-65 / tcb / stan ray / tender / timberland
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    i got this book in the early 90s and definitely got me interested in big E levis.
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    Really excited about these jeans for some reason, maybe because they remind me of the old days when everything was new and unknown. This will be my next pair to break in starting late summer
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    First evo post here! Here's my Warehouse 800xx after their second wash with about 3-4 months of being in a rotation (a few times a week at least).

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