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    Gonna stash these away for the next few month, probably. Right backpocket is unravelling at the top, 'cause I started wearing my phone in it. Sometimes even carried two phones in it, when I was at work... Got a small hole in the crotch, not bad, but still. Bunch of seams start to degrade, but I try to stay up to date with repairing those.
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    @xavierwt on IG - a 1¾” belt (first time someone has asked for that width - best width for jeans IMO) from 9oz Walpier Buttero Rocky in Satchel Tan, c/w with repro 30s steel buckle, nickel plated steel studs and vintage silver Japanese coin
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    FINALLY got around to repairing the crotch on my contest 40s so I threw them on. I just love this fit and denim. Such an awesome gray cast to it.
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    And also my favorite pocket shapes of all time. Best character with wonky stitching and fading threads.
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    finally got around to making that western belt after a longer hiatus with leathercraft.
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    Technically from yesterday, but still counts I think. Freewheelers Ironalls. Warehouse tee. Freewheelers Trackwalker. Yuketen.
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    Thank you 1 9/16 is 40mm … very common. Most European and Japanese buckles are metric sized and in 5 or 10mm increments - so 35mm, 40mm 45mm etc; whereas most UK and US buckles are still imperial sized and in 1/4 or 1/2 inch increments - so 1½ (38mm), 1¾ (44mm) You’ll note I’m talking about buckle sizes because you can cut a piece of leather to any width … but you need a fastener and they are only available in standard sizes
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    Fit update on the Shins XX pair. They relaxed quite a bit and I already look forward to the next machine wash
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    Some good stuff can be seen here. The channel of the BerBerJin manager. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRJ5F4KDZmY6nrEk14B61pg
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    Didn't see the edit until now! The jeans arrived some time ago at their new home and with their new owner
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    My 20s jacket showed up a couple days ago. My worry was that sizing up to 46 from my usual 40 was going to be a mistake. Turns out that it fits pretty much how I wanted! A little bit loose and very comfortable. I gave it a hot wash and a few minutes in the tumble dryer and then air dried it. The length shortened just a tad and everything else stayed pretty much the same.
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    I haven't washed it for 1 year and 8 months since I wore it.
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    I like that last belt a lot Duke, it’s one of my favourites from your creations. I just measured my belt and it’s 1 9/16” wide. Is that a common width?
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    No denim content, I await my well deserved flaying. Cornell Capa, 1958
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    That's awesome. Basically the pair I am looking for. I love that fit.
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    Thanks @nathan_ and @scamster for your replies and help!!! Have a great day!!!
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    @busterthehuman I see you’ve studied the USN Regulations a bit - well done - I think that gives the blog a bit more credibility. There’s a lot of stuff about Sperry available (many sneaker sites as well as the company’s own) but I have it in my mind there’ll be plenty of folk that probably never thought much about the CVO (the sole unit first specifically) being commissioned into USN contracts. Arguably Sperry didn’t invent the idea for ‘siping’ but much like Edison, he was probably a better businessman than he was an inventor. Still, it’s a shoe that has most definitely stood the test of time. A few images of the 40s issue:
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    Thanks mate! And I need to correct myself it seems. I researched a bit as all the sewing oddities got me interested. I looked at a lot of old Denime XX pairs from the Shins-era and the Orizzonti-era and the following detail caught my eye. You all know how on most pairs the chainstitch at the waistband exceeds the waistband and is usually tucked in. With Shins it's exactly the same. But not with Orizzonti it seems. All pairs I saw look like this, the chainstitch stops earlier: It's the same with my pair so I am pretty sure I do have a real pair of Orizzonti Denime XX-type. Pretty stoked
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    the mercury drops enough stepping back into denim... vintage j.c.higgins for sears n roebuck-big yank/anatomica-tender132-birks
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    An unissued WWII Diddy Bag I picked up a bit ago. The drawstring was sewn down by accident, so it wouldn’t close very well. That’s probably why it’s in such good condition.
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    I was wavering on trying for a pair, had been interested in them for like 2 years now, but had to be on the road while they went online, so that made the decision to skip for me. That and the perfectly good pairs I currently have. Seem like great jeans but that level of hype is just sort of off putting and tiring tbh. I really hated sneaker head culture and when denim goes that way it’s just…well, it’s pretty antithetical to the spirit of denim imo. But I hope everyone posts some good pics of these eventually.
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    Here to deliver the Orrizonti 66XX fit pics from the above jeans I shared. As I mentioned, I am most often a hard 30s-40s-50s repro wearer so this is a much slimmer fit than I am used to but as they settle, I am falling in love with it.
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    One for @MJF9 - bridle leather around 9-10oz but a slightly narrower width of 32mm with a matte finish nickel plate brass buckle. A little bit ‘dressier’ I think and has been polished and conditioned within an inch of its life, with painted edges (pretty much any raw area was painted out) to give a soft sheen that hopefully is what he was looking for.
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    Mosquito Creek & Molar Pass, soaking wet but plenty happy Tilley / Bubo / Sassafras / Hoggs of Fife
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    Before and after measurements compared to TCB.

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