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    What is your favorite ACR jacket?
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    McCoys / Butcher Products / Freewheelers / Alden
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    After 10 weeks at sea, these landed recently - better late than never Trackwalkers #2222010 Summer-ready lightweight cotton duck. They're great - they fit like a sack of spuds. Deffo not for those who like a snug seat - the BR comes in at a whopping c50cm. Worn a lot since I got 'em and can see that continuing Ironalls #2123001 Very nice shirt, soft ecru chambray, lightweight. Could have done with a 17.5 (rather than 17) for more space but it's here now so just running with it
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    They’re finished! Spec: Black Chromexcel Leather lining Vintage triple stitching Dr Sole sole Roller buckles by http://hukurokuju.com/
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    I was initially quoted ¥20k + ¥5k shipping, and was eventually charged $185 at the time of payment. An absolute steal! The pattern seems very good. There's plenty of thigh room, and a slight taper to around a 9" leg opening. I'm a little worried about the relatively low rise, especially in back (15.5", rigid), but my hopes remain high. All pockets seem very useable, and it's clear that a lot of thought has go into where to make certain folds, where to leave raw edges, where to use straight vs. curved seams, etc. I like the lightweight denim used for the pocket bags. The construction itself is very clean. They're drying, now, and it does seem like they've shrunk quite a bit. The waist and inseam initially measured 36.5" and 35.5", respectively, for a 33x32 tag size. Here are some shots of how they fit, rigid:
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    GRAND SILVER MEDAL BECAUSE IT WAS DONE VERY WELL I can't find a single detail so far that I don't really, really like
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    ..my view ..hiked to Su Stampu de su Turrunu to stand under the falls .. it hasn't rained here for so long (it was 47°C in the car this morning) it was just a trickle when we got there ..upped my beer game to Non Filtrata ..kid caught a gecko .. when we got to Cagliari, i'd pre-booked a hire car with a GPS but they didn't have one spare so refunded my £47, we ended up using google maps on my Mrs's phone to make the 2hr drive into the mountains, which of course kept losing connection but we eventually made it.. ..the car has a moniter so we've been using the GPS in the phone via usb therefore i can't see a full route planner only the route ahead on the moniter. In the UK, If i make a wrong turn using my TomTom, it say's "do a u-turn" but this just redirects and it pops up on the screen "19mins slower... 6mins slower ect" anyway... one evening, 2hrs away from home with half a tank of fuel, i took a wrong turn on Strada Statale 198 (which is a chalenging mountain pass in itself) and the GPS redirected during one of It's moments of lost connection (it loses connection on the regular when driving between mountains on remote passes) and we ended up hopelessly lost on single track (to call it a dirt road would be too complimentary) i couldn't turn around but thought the nav would reconnect .....at some point.. it usually does, to the passenger side was a sheer drop of 300ft with no kerb.. It scared the fucking shit out of me but for the sake of my kid, i was staying calm.. it should have been a 1hr 46min drive, it turned into 4hrs, most of which without GPS, it was 37°C, we had no water, i had to turn the aircon off to save fuel, we had to clear rock falls from the road so obvioulsy we were the only ones stupid enough to take this route for some time at least in a fucking Fiat Panda Hybrid i had to move cows with horns from the track, move donkeys, goats..we were losing the light, i've never been so happy to get back to a road, every corner had to be taken super carefully, my mrs and kid outside the car, directing me over boulders, a flat tyre out there with no phone signal or water.. we'd be fucked!.. ..and folks in the UK need a LandRover for the school run? ..anywho, i love this damn car! ..this is Sadali, part decaying, part returned to former glory by the young hip urbanites who've moved out of the cities.. murals on every corner, some folks still get around on pony, some in suped up Fiat 500's or Vespa GS ..what 30 quids worth of gelato looks like ...food tastes better here and people are just lovely, they're so kind and generous, some random dude gave us courgettes, turns out they only really want the flowers. My mrs is astounding the older generation Sardinians with the speech translate android app
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    Hi all, longtime lurker here finally biting the $6 bullet to share my results and exp with dyeing this pair of Bamba 3.x I reviewed similar available online resources and learned a bit from trial and error while practicing with old shoes. I went into dyeing this pair hoping to do a gradient between 2 synthetic dyes (aqua/blue fade) but messed it up and completely bricked an attempt to add “weathering” using acrylic paint following that. I debated what to do from there and ultimately used black leather dye to cover most of the shoe, including the synthetic upper that was already dyed aqua (hence the weird nuclear glowing black color) while omitting the bottoms of the soles and preserving the aqua colored heel strap buckle thing inside of plastic wrap. I can’t do much more to destroy them any further, so I suppose this pair is done. Here are my recommendations for using the two main types of dye that work with sneakers: SYNTHETIC DYE PRO -Synthetic dye will only leave permanent color results on a few areas of the 3.x model and wash clean out of the leather and rubber portions after multiple rinses and use of soap/soda ash (see pre-black leather dye pics for a better idea of this) -Huge range of color options compared to leather dyes -Results are very permanent after washing out excess dye CON -Needs to reach boiling temperature when mixed. Adheres best when still somewhat hot, but high heat could also melt shoe upper or glue. Using 30sec dye dunks w/ 3-5 min periods of cooling time out of the dye bath was a method that seemed to work well for bolder results compared to longer soak times in cooled dye baths. The shoes are gonna shrink a bit for sure, best to size up .5 if TTS fits snug -Results are irreversible (exact measurements/ test runs highly recommended) and it’s very difficult to control overall color fidelity of non-earthen dye tones; bright colors can look sort of “easter egg”ish (this picture is lying, it didn't even look this good) LEATHER DYE PRO -Leaves permanent color results on all shoe materials (leather, synthetic, rubber) -Dye color intensity can be thinned with neutral leather dye + excessively dyed results can largely be stripped back using acetone/rubbing alcohol + elbow grease - Sick “worn future” aesthetic for black/earth tones (or “toxic sludge” look for other colors) CON - Messy to apply + rinse out -Takes forever to fully rinse out, stains your beloved jawnz I used black leather dye + water immersion to create a “camo” pattern on my shorts as well, which I think came out surprisingly cool. Hope this was helpful!
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    quality first post
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    @aho that McQueen explorer is beautiful. Love that dial.
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    Whitesville FC Lone Wolf (going on 7 years).
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    @aho - I love the Explorer II. It might be the perfect travel watch. I prefer the white dial one, but it's a small thing. Obviously, it's completely impossible to get one from a dealer...
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    Got myself a new watch after waiting for a suitable replacement for my old and busted CWC G-10. Praesidus A-11 Combat. If you are looking for a great repro for a strong price, this is it. Built in the US, Swiss Quartz movement. Combat is the 32mm one, true to the original but they do make them bigger. Upgraded the strap to an all black one, which I really think suits it.
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    This fabric is making some of the most amazing blues I’ve seen, here at about 5 months wear and maybe a dozen washes.
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    INteresting that the natural indigo - which is often described as more green - is way redder. Natural indigo 1880s n the left, Kurabo 1890s in the right. The Kurabo are from 2005 I think. I like Kurabo's interpretation too. the micro contrast isn't there, and it doesn't really crock, but I like the area fades and the dark green tinge. However, they were way harder work; hand wash only and months between washes, the jeans on the right probably had 6 months more work than the jeans on the left. No leg twist on the Kurabo fabric, loads on the Cone. I think Kurabo 1880s/1890s has always been pretty much the same fabric, so the Kurabo 3-pleat will fade like the jeans on the right. When I went through my retained stash, I found the 1901, which are different again - less green, more contrast. And I look forward to getting out my Kurabo 201 in a few years. The slowest faders I've ever owned and definitely an LVC classic
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    My 1003xx ‘46 before their first wash. Estimated at probably 5 months of wear cumulatively this summer and last summer. Have a hole in the pocket and crotch seam starting to fray. After things start to go I repair and give in to washing. This is my only real repro pair - really like the cut. Not thrilled about the early-ish breakdown - I’ll be washing these regularly now - probably every 10 wears or so. The denim is cool, it strikingly resembles a late 00’s Levi’s non selvedge they called “scraped neppy” if I recall correctly. Not sure if there’s more WH in my future or not yet, the fit is my favorite part of these…most of the rest…haven’t made up my mind yet. These should be good in the rotation for a few years though.
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    Warehouse jacket, Brass / Signal Garments jeans
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    Not denim, but duck Heritage Research * Left Field * Alden
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    Anyone remember these? Roots someone on my television mentioned these. Googled them immediately and had some good memories. Even though I had knock offs
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    60s (?) Sears workshirt, old shirt I printed on, Duke belt of course, tcb 50s n flat head boots.
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    Been a while, wish everyone is ok here Got this 506xx awhile back too sad that the size is too small like 34
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    I think I will wear them for more dirty stuff, to accelerate the progress.

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