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    Coming up on a year in these S601XX's. Highly recommended if anyone is looking for a pair of war era jeans, looks like FW just released a rerun of them.
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    Duke belt
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    Something different today… Aquascutum suit, Charvet shirt, E. Green shoes…
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    New GS day: SBGW285, sub 37mm hand wound, no date. FW shirt & jeans.
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    Ngl J95-WS is the ugliest jacket I’ve seen in a while
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    Here are some 40 year old STFs that my father used to wear when he worked as a carpenter briefly in the 80s. These are denim perfection imo and all the tar and paint splatter really adds to the character. Bonus picture for oxidized rivets. Regarding washing routine, these would be boiled along with his other work clothes in a large pot outdoors. 7582FB41-7F17-4112-8306-E2AE88680F98.heic
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    1920s Leepro
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    At Last FW FW MF At Last Clinch
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    the brander has become my new work jacket. After a week working construction it’s showing great potential
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    I'm still giddy about the new purchase so here's a daylume shot
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    John Muir’s attic CSF, Warehouse
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    I’ll add another vote for just ripping all your CDs & getting set up to play them from your computer (or whatever other device) There’s no such thing, really, as higher- or lower-quality CD players, as far as actually reading the CDs goes—that’s a big upside to digital media—any quality difference will be in the DAC and amplifier, and any decent DAC + amp will plug into your computer just as easily as to a CD player, so you might as well save the physical space. A thousand CDs takes up a good few shelves, but it’s no more than ~3 TB of actual data, which is plenty cheap these days
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    FW Ironalls / Butcher Products / At Last / Viberg / TFIF!
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    At airport, on my way to Chicago. SDA Fox cotton type 1, FW shirt & denim, Tender belt, RDT boots.
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    Patrick Cox at Sufu, never! Then again I do recall a certain @Duodequinquagesimus
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    Good mail day today. Shame that it's scorching hot outside, but I'll put these to good use in the fall. However the tees will get put to use right away. Trying not to spam photos too much since it causes loading issues for some, if anyone wants more photos let me know. M-1938 field jacket, Field Cruiser made from British Millerain waxed cotton, two random striped tees and two graphic tees from the most recent season. I didn't realize the collar was folded until after I took photos...this was quick as I was starting to sweat.
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    Now you are a belt maker for the rich&famous?!
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    This (first of a pair) for Adam Goldberg (he’s the guy who played the support character to Mr Wrench in Fargo) - a Wickett & Craig bridle leather around 9oz c/w aniline dyed cobra overlays, vintage German glass and vintage Japanese coin. It’s a hybrid of the belt made for @Broark and Johnny B, merged with the more traditional peanut style novelty belts
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    A simple sewn buffalo leather belt for @JRendon02 - the leather had a fairly matte finish so it’s been waxed and polished to bring up a soft sheen as he requested; and finished with his choice of cream ritza tiger thread and a Japanese sand cast brass buckle
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    1001xx 25th anniversary 50s.. what a mouthful Color is somewhere in between these two here Don’t know how much longer the arcs will last
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    Runabout Brander Runabout Chinos
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    These Eternals and Fullcounts are coming along.

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