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    Poten Summer Collection of Japanese Baseball Caps Poten’s new summer collection is here! This season we see Poten doing their caps in a new white “sun softened” 100% cotton fabric, a sun faded cotton/nylon dual-tone style cap, and an olive colored cap in their very popular nylon textile. These hats are crazy nice, nicer than any other straight ahead baseball cap we've ever seen. Every cap style has a super soft and supple inner leather headband which has been lightly treated so it’s not destroyed by sweat. The caps have zero exterior branding except for the stitches which you can see from the top of the crown from the interior branding tags being sewn into the center of the crown. The cap has a medium height crown and the brim has a medium length to it with 19 concentric stitches which feel and look pretty cool in person. If you're into baseball caps, you'll love what Poten is doing. ⠀ All three of these caps are available now at all stores and online. Shop Poten Online
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    Thanks! The only definitive info I have is the United States Navy Uniform Regulations from 1941 showing a single pocket, but the 1951 regulations specifies 2 pockets. It’s reasonable to assume that based on the the sheer quantities of clothing produced according to the ‘41 regs would mean the single pocket would have been used by servicemen throughout the war, however I’m sure there were changes in between the two regulations I’ve quoted (as the war developed into different arenas, uniform requirement would change and I think khaki was also introduced around 1943, never mind the unpopular ‘greys’) … hence my question as to discover the year the 2 pocket shirt was introduced.
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    New Freewheelers denim and an old watch
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    Little update on the jacket Pre wash Post wash
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    MF Stevenson Belafonte (belt) Hollows key fob TCB 40s (still living the dream...) Lofgren
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    Many nice pairs and final postings! I decided not to bother TCB with a final submission as my pair isn’t really up to scratch. However, I did (& do) enjoy my pair and will keep wearing them, intending to post further updates here… I managed to build a weaving shed and a new kitchen in this pair up north in Scotland. speaking of - here’s the finished kitchen: and now in use…
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    About to do a deal with @Deadassb. Please upvote if we've done deals before. Much appreciated!
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    and then, pardon me if this is old hat, and is spamming from Rin Tanaka's 'Motorcycle Jacket's...' book; just some images that I think are worth sharing... a portrait of the beloved man and men of Buco... more of the tie-n-jacket advert combos... as far from Marlon or Ramones as one might get... some stud work in honour of the sterling work of @Duke Mantee and then a medley of d-pockets across the mid-century for jollies...
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    I think I once mentioned my favourite indigo dyed Levi’s sweater. Here it is in comparison with my back-up one
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    Hi everyone! # 33 Uncle Karl Last updated. A very wonderful year and a half, which seems short but long, is finally over today. It is a denim with various thoughts, such as happy days and sad days. Thank you for showing us all your wonderful love. The journey of the contest is over, but the long and long journey of life is still going on. It was really nice to meet you in an instant, a year and a half of that long journey. See you again someday!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @mpukas no worries... I've never tested that out nor compared it personally. I went off a recommendation from a barista (who made great coffee) who said it was as good as the electric machine he had in his coffee shop (and he had a Comandante for his home use). We'd been discussing (similar to the above) how to create a good espresso at home and was an expensive machine worth it, which veered into the other parameters to get right for great coffee. So I went for the Comandante on trust. Quite aside from the quality question, I gotta say I actually enjoy the ritual of grinding by hand before I brew a cup. It's no hassle to me, a few minutes out of the day well spent.
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    … from some time ago, but I can’t find another pic of me wearing those v.1 Timber Beasts
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    Speedmaster! The updated bracelet is heaven sent (and vintagey to boot, nice slim look and taper)
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    Since pottery is 'allowed'... We got these (and some more) from a couple in West Jutland, Denmark. As a kid, we've been regularly in that region for holidays. Been there like 3 years ago again and found that couple still doing pottery.
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    I think these are pretty nice... hand thrown 200ml cups / beakers Pottery seems to be facing both high demand and high inflation I’ve had my eye on buying stuff from Jono Smart for ages but, despite being on the mailing list for the drops, it had always sold out almost instantly Not last time… fastest finger came first... though the price did actually make my eyes smart… however, by then, I was in too deep again They don’t disappoint – beautifully done
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    There is an undeniable charm in things that cost nothing, or almost nothing. A seashell, about the size of an egg, found on the beach of an Gili Air island, Indonesia. A ceramic Buddha, from a shop in Kandy, Sri Lanka (≈ $0.50). An incense stick holder (≈ $0.30) a stone mortar (≈ $0.20) from a street stall in Tiruvannamalai, India.
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    My 2013 (I think?) Les Paul Standard Koa Top.
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    Also, it’s nice to have nice things to listen to music with. I re-foamed the speakers and they are amazing.
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    Speaking of bikes, these are nice and I like having them around… 1972 motobecane le champion and 1988ish de rosa.
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    ^ It will be popular again, these things tend to go in cycles.
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    Nobody reads the bike thread so... back to the 90's My bikes recent upgrades.. Sat on Rat Trap Pass Extralights Remember that stem i de-ano'd recently? +Onza Porcipaws, Paul's Love Levers, Dura-Ace shifters on Paul's Thumbies, X-Lite Stem Cap and Spacers Those Ultradynamico's i got for Christmas NOS XTR M952 (period correct) front and rear derailleur from Yahoo Auctions Mavic's on Chris King Hubs ..and a huge thanks to @beautiful_FrEaK for acting as my Eu proxy service (and the chocolate) since most European bike shops stopped shipping to the UK Those Paul's Klampers Tilmann ..still got to sort the crank out and i'll call it a day
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    My girlfriend got me this guitar stand last year, and I love it.

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