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    aint done with em vintage x2, s40s, attractions
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    #38 Check in The last day. Wish me luck!
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    #125 Great seeing so many pairs of these jeans being posted now. Mine were originally raw and cutting me in half initially so I thought I had messed up sizing. They ended up stretching out enough that I think I could have gone down a size. I think I'm just going to carry on wearing them anyway but need to get all of the pockets repaired.
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    Here’s my final photos. I can thank my now 2 year old daughter for help in developing the combs; she was 7 months old when the contest started and I spent a lot of time sitting or crouched on the floor playing with her. I counted 426 days of wear in the end- sure I missed a few and I took about a month off to wear something else for a change. Didn’t wash much at first but more frequently as time went on. The only repairs I did were to the pockets, mainly so I didn’t loose anything. I didn’t really like the cut at first. I’m a slim/athletic build and these were quite a departure from my usual preferred slim straight cuts, but it certainly grew on me. Now I’m back in a pre contest pair and they felt ridiculously tight at first! Thanks to all for participating. It was fun to see everyone’s posts along the way and to see small snapshots of your lives and world.
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    Ooe / Roy / Butcher Products / Canes / Viberg / Front and Back
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    Brander Jacket Standard Sweatshirt Vanguard Chinos
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    Same fit. Different backdrop Runabout Brander Runabout Vanguard
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    Runabout Brander Jacket Runabout Vanguard PNW gloomy sky
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    Warmer weather this week means no long sleeves. Vintage SS raglan sweat My favorite vintage T USA 501 xx Van's Vintage manual winding Timex (needs a tune up) Mini me vans
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    Uncle Carl Thank you for sending me a nice message! Thanks also to everyone who loved the patch. ARIGATO
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    Bit of a last-minute submission, but here's my pair after a total of 359 wears and 11 washes. These are my favorite pair of jeans and it's been great seeing all the fades in this thread along the way! Congrats all!
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    I've already submitted the final photos but since in the meantime I've done a 'Deep Wash' on hot I thought I'd show the result. They've lost a bit of color but it's nice to have them truly clean & dust free. Also the fit is better IMO.
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    No.89 check in. happy with that. And will keep wearing it
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    No 31 checking in. The denim on these is top notch. Full of character after a few washes: Thanks to @volvo240thebest, @Nayuta and the team at TCB. I still have my original pair (#3) as a back up , in a size down .
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    ROY R01 Indigo Lovers sz 32 brand new
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    Nonnative Phigvel Wesco
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    here's some extra boring
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    Check in for number 74. Great to see the other 18 month submissions coming in. My pair have had pretty frequent wear, albeit predominantly worn around the house. I've warmed to the high high rise over the duration. Always found it comfortable, but it does give the impression at times I've pulled my pants to up under my arm pits. About 12 months in and with a bit of shrinkage due to washing, I lost the high water double cuff and found a shoe skimming longer length seemed to ease this perception a bit. Overall, a great pair of jeans. For a bit of variation I'll drop these from main wear for a bit, but they will remain firmly in use. Plenty of life left in these! stitching has pretty much fully held up, although the eagle eyed amongst you will notice I lost a rivet along the route. Not quite sure when, but in the washing machine is my best guess! cheers all and thanks @volvo240thebest and tcb for setting all this up.
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    Crossposting from waywt, thought this thread needed a bump. are these SDAs considered vintage by now?
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    50s still going strong
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    This is my Black Cat chore coat. Outside and inside pics.
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    Laundry day led to taking some photos of my 47s and then the lightning seemed good so swapped them out to take pictures of these sda wwii jeans. These have a bunch of washes and a couple trips to the dryer.
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    Blues are really starting to pop in Jack's Nippers samples

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