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    Bronson / TCB WWII / Whites BH
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    different shades kind of day. companion denim/sugar cane/ docs sort of surprised there's no companion thread here - they do really great work.
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    That was a really nice release. Good catch!
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    Good luck finding either of those in RAF, but there’s no need to size up or down in either of them ime. If you’re one size you’re that size in both those pants. It’s gets tricky when you switch fabrics. And if you’re a sz small in the 24a’s due to length just give up on the p10’s. I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t wear certain season P10 in DS due to this. They never look good over/undersized. The most finicky ACR pants hands down.
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    SOLD. P10-DS SS20. Black. Large. 9.5 / 10 (tried on a couple of times). €695.00 NET. Bag & spec included. Shipping from Amsterdam.
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    Enjoying a cortado @ Ob-La-Di in Paris. Oil & Cotton cap Laer Brand jacket Warehouse sweatshirt Sugar Cane britches
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    lets see which pieces are: Šumperk / FRC ?
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    My new purchase of Tanner Goods Standard Belt, Natural color, size 34, stainless steel and Key Laynard, Natural color, stainless steel Denim Work Shirt by Warehouse , model # 3076, 2 year old, multiple washes Denim Pair, Fullcount 1108, 3 years old multiple washes
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    Wedding fun last weekend at a haunted distillery in suburban Chicago that was once a bootlegging hub owned by Al Capone. The last few shots are of the creepy underground limestone well that provides the perfect water for whiskey.
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    A bat shat on me the other day while walking my dog, and I had to wash them just two days after the monthly wash lol. Anyways, here’s a (clean) update -
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    Hello everyone! Some beautiful jeans in this contest. Honestly, these are the best, most widespread quality pairs I think I've ever seen in a contest. Well done, folks. Mine were sent off to Self Edge for a second round of repairs today. I took some update pics after the wash.
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    Joe Mccoys climbers rugby top is really nice top,joe Mccoys still my favourite stuff from the real Mccoys
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    Blue Blue Japan / Kapital / TCB / Hoka One One
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    J76 Vintage Milsurp P38-DS Vans Customs
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    Vintage hat (Dobbs) RRL Rising Sun Hollows RMC White's
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    Same as usual but got my sidekick Me Vintage ww2 usmc deck vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1 Jack Vintage 507xx Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1
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    On denim (Freewheelers naturally) … I always draw out the plan so there’s better understanding/visualisation
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    Hi everyone! I made a closet a while ago. Make the space here a closet. Of course, while consulting with my daughters. I attached a frame and a middle shelf. The rest is the door. I used an old scaffolding board for the door frame. The door is a French herringbone. done! My daughter is also satisfied with the result!Haha And my recent pair! The back pocket also has a nice atmosphere!
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    Briefly it got cool enough here for jeans & a jacket. Now it's back to shorts weather but I made the most of it while it lasted. Cap - MF Jacket - Labour Union (an impulse buy from Markkt) Jeans - TCB 40s Boots - vintage Chippewa
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    Thanks everyone. The Osees were fantastic! (and very very loud!) Had to change into my eyeball tee (I love visual puns) for the show. P.S. The boots didn't hurt too much!
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    Kind of a tux? Tonight I'm going to my first real music venue since all this madness started to see psych garage rockers Thee Oh Sees/Osees. Vaccine cards and masks are required and I'm super excited to rage. I'm road testing my old boots to see if I can wear them in the pit. Vintage 70s Rio Tee Hand made? denim vest Orange tab 517s Vintage "Made in USA" cowboy boots (can't find any other identifiable markings)
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    Casting a long shadow... Vintage hat Vintage Hanes t-shirt from Denim Brotherhood Tender belt FW Prospector pants Novesta
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    cottle / mf lot 64 midnight / tender boots