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    Same as usual but got my sidekick Me Vintage ww2 usmc deck vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1 Jack Vintage 507xx Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1
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    Kapital / Kapital / UES / TCB / Tricker's
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    ^ worthy of the full 30s text for it... a lined version?
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    Here are my pair in standard denim and me jacket
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    My new HW Dog hat came in. It was hard finding the navy color because it’s sold out almost everywhere except Canvas.
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    Cheers @MJF9 Half price in Cinch around 09/10. All post some better photos tomorrow in the LVC thread for ye
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    Great stuff Duke. You don’t have to be a westerner to appreciate how cool those western belts are. I’ve got a question for ya, how are you setting your spots? Do you have a machine? i picked up some spots and gems from standard to fool around with but I haven’t quite found a good method for setting them.
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    ^that 132X fit is lovely @Toegun! @MJF9 thank you and I'm really pleased you're enjoying them, seconded for a fit pic!
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    Late response, but you convinced me to pull the trigger on these second hand pair from eBay. They arrived today and they look and feel great. I’m too excited!
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    Hope you're all well. Sorry for my absence; especially sorry for being a chino guy due to new profession, plus I've been two-timing my 40s with some natural indigo 1880s. But now the nights are colder I'm back with this lovely, much heavier fabric.Just machine washed them; they marble bigtime when washed right side out I notice . Apols for weird camera angle favoured by nipper who now takes photos rather than being the subject.
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    I have no idea how long I've worn them for because I only tend to wear pre 20s denim in the summer. I've worn them a lot though so it's probaby 5-6 months. They crock a lot for natural denim. Way more than my SDA. It's my favourtie of any natural indigo denim, and I think my favourite of any Cone. It's always been a very royal blue, but the amount of texture in the fabric is gorgeous without being too obviously slubby. These have had a hand wash followed by a machine wash and spin. I've reverted to spinning inside out after a horrible-looking recent wash with my TCB 40s. There's a similarity with the other early fabrics in that they get large, smooth areas of wear but there is more whiskering here than other 1800s-style Cone. My three-pleat jacket needs a wash too, and is looking very good but it wasnt sunny enough to line-dry from wet and I can't face it shrinking again. From a distance these look quite similar to, say, my 47 and 55 but they're very different close-up. A good amount of leg twist. So often, LVC jeans don't get dramatic traintracks (although I would point out that traintracks for some reason seem more common on 70s jeans than earlier ones). But these have pretty good train tracks, too. I cannot explain why the whisters and fading are so assymetrical. Perhaps a peculiarity of the PT physique? Not happened before though, maybe I'm becoming irregularly stooped with my advancing years. For me, these 1880s ran among my very favourite LVC. So sad that we've lost all the love and expertise that went into Cone denim, but this is a fine pair of jeans to remember them by. Plus I have a big roll of their indigo cotton duck that I have to get made into someting soon....
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    I can't remember when I last posted my 1880s natural indigo LVC. I am thinking this was probably the last new fabric desgined by Allen Little at Cone. Here they are dry:
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    Got my Casper from Japan. So far, very happy with the fit as they’re not too small. I’m 10.5 C on Brannock and the RDT 8.5 / 26.5 are a good fit for me.
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    The 98 is bit bulky, at least unwashed/out of the bag. Fitting under profile or straight fit shells isn’t the most flattering, but it works nicely under the j1as.
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    Hi all, long time lurker! Just thought I'd share my warehouse lot800 which are about 8 years old. Have worn these to death. edit - apologies for phone pics
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    Totally understand your point. To me function kind off comes first, then comes my ability to work with what I got. With the tools I got, placing rivets and studs precisely is kind off a pain, so sewing goes a long way for me and offer similiar strength imo. It's just kind off why I got started in the whole leather-thingy, wanted a wallet that would last, look better than what I got and be very functional, still got that functional approach to a lot of things. For example the last belt I made was made with left over straps from a few belts I made for friends and family. Got a shorter piece of veg-tan, had some leftover cognac-colored leather as well, only thing I wanted for sure was the buckle-combo I got vintage. Sewed the buckle in veg-tan and the veg-tan to the cognac-strap, looks great in the end, imo.
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    On denim (Freewheelers naturally) … I always draw out the plan so there’s better understanding/visualisation
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    Snake Eyes 9oz Water Buffalo Leather Cobra inlays Standard Rivet vintage brass spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage brass jewel rings in 9mm and 11mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels ~ 9mm in Siam and Topaz, 11mm in Amethyst Japanese brass buckle with hand patination Japanese vintage coin (Karasu 1 Sen, 1938) 90% copper, 10% zinc
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    WTS US preferred, other countries add for shipping P34-E size M full pack 8/10 $900 P17-CH size S full pack 9/10 $1050
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    Thanks for the recommendations! Like the looks of The Little Jerry a lot! Admittedly, I'll also probably go check out Tim Hortons as a guilty pleasure (despite having branches in the UK).
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    Just got a pair from papanui, and are loving them. Mine aren’t that worn but I’m working on it. They’re incredibly comfortable, denim is soft. Soaked twice and worn for a few days. apologies for the terrible photo, I’ll try for better soon.
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    Yeah that’s me still around here’s one for yah just coupled a Mccoys sateen 107