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    cottle / mf lot 64 midnight / tender boots
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    Breaking down and soaking the 1927-here are some pics of them raw. Hopefully the 03 will come soon in the mail.
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    I have something in the works, once it materializes I'll let y'all know.
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    tux time raw(-ish) and (lightly) cooked tcb.s40sx2-redwing
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    Generally they issue in Black or the Charcoal x Navy. Here’s a couple of fairly recent issues … Columbia Stevedore
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    Been trying to fathom this out too. Possibly Brugnoli Quilted Cotton?? Cool drop. Umit looks fighting fit.
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    Pretty solid..Surprised by the love the blazers are getting...I'm really digging J99 and J98. Retailers are getting some pieces from the second drop afaik
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    Great fades diggers another great pair I wish the contest was only a year tho
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    Fantastic jeans, love the way the denim fades
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    Almost 1 year wearing this straight razor on and off ...I like this slim fit cut after breaking in it become more comfortable ...you can wear any kind of foot wear ..sneakers..boots etc it look great this is my Converse x Ambush very comfy boots for walking
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    Any language barriers aside, this is a really great visual comparison of vintage S501XX vs. Deadstock Blue S1000XX Really impressive to see how far WH has come along in the past few years.
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    LVC "NO FUN" Eyeball tee Mick Rock Raw Power Japan thanks to the discount rack at UO LEVI'S Orange tab Action Jeans "With a Skoosh more Room" Spicoli slips Contemplating the boot cut... Love the 3D arcuates on these.
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    Tanner Goods, Classic Belt, size 34, Natural Stainless Steel, after 20 months approximately. Wearing with my FC1108 jeans (3 years old) and Timberland Yellow Boots
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    Dice Magazine tshirt Trophy Wesco
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    birthday dinner last night wearing ship john hat sugar cane chambray warehouse t warehouse jeans globe shoes
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    I maybe owe a better jeans update for the contest - it’s been a year after all But a sort of fit pic combined showing the wear (or lack of it) They haven’t been my only jeans this 12 months - but I’ve worn them a lot and like them a lot. year 2 here we go…
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    Drinkwater's Cambridge is the only authorized repair store for Paraboot in the US, so they know their stuff if you have questions about sizing or want to special order a size/style they don't have in stock. Totem Brand Co in Philadelphia also carries Paraboot. If you know your size, you might be able to save a few bucks by ordering from a European retailer.
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    I got my 1975s in February or March 2018. They are 16 on the button. Curiously they have selvedge on the coin pocket. There is a lot of twist. There are characteristic flaws in the denim - see right rear pocket. Sadly I can no longer access EBay purchase history from 2018 so have no pics deadstock with flashers etc (I could dig out the flashers if anyone is interested).
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    I’ll be taking orders once I get my webstore open
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    Grrreat shirt,50ies original or repro?
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    My good mate @Duke Mantee made me this beautiful belt and I thought I'd share some pics , wish I took the pics fresh from the box but I was too excited to get wearing it Solid brass hardware and a beautifully soft black leather While the leather is soft it definitely feels tough , has a really nice texture Everything is super cleanly cut especially the holes Thanks mate
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    Good tip on the Tightly Stitched / engine recommendation, don’t mind the curve in the buckle at all. The one freeco posted above looks great. The thing with my Tender belt is that it has an edge at the bottom that leaves a very distinct fade / indent in my jeans. It’s a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things.