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    Just landed, glad I picked these up (and happened to sell my black PBJs in the same timeframe!) Exactly what I had been after in a pair of black, straight cut jeans. Just threw them in the wash to address any shrinkage, initial fit was good even a tad big at w38.
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    Not much variation during summer Levi's - Resolute - Vans
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    I’ll try and get some fit pics up this weekend once they’re dry! This should give you and idea of how the denim should fade.
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    cottle / warehouse DD-1003XX
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    Pairing my Orslow with a nice loose weave Universal Works coat and UES denim cap for overkill:
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    Getting a little cooler now, so I can finally wear a jacket... TFH | Bronson | Tender | Dayton's
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    Well, I haven’t made shoes yet, but I did make myself a backpack.
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    So did anyone actually cop the 3a-1 Multi? Haven't heard/seen it anywhere since it dropped on mothersite lol. Also, this is old news but here are fit pics of the upcoming Sacai collab women's J1A dresses + crop top:
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    @Jared_Lee looking forward to some fit pics Coin pocket roping getting better Edit: And the colour is evolving nicely as well
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    here are my 1955's after 1 wash at 210 days + 2 weeks wear. Before/ May: now:
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    s406xxx, Hollows rail belt, dds1003xx
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    Not only today and not always in jeans.. sometimes shorts Taking a leaf out of Tilmann's book.. Ive took the last couple of weeks off work and rather than join the herds ive had a busman's holiday renovating my kids attic room. The chimney had a water leek down the internal chimney breast, you might remember me dangling from a rope, up on the roof, fixing it last summer it sent the metal corner beading rusty and cracked the plaster so ive ripped it out, replaced it and replastered the walls, ripped the carpet up and repaired all the broken floorboards, ripped the old balustrade out around the stairs which of course left gaping holes in the wall which also needed reskimming. Gave everything a few coats of emulsion and painted the 2x chimney breasts in F&B.. my kid's choice of colour... i dunno, elephant scrotum or something. While i was rebuilding the balustrade in Scandanavian ply, i bought enough to make him a desk. It's my take on a console desk/table with curved legs. It took me 4hrs to make and 5hrs to paint/lacquer it Next to the drawer, it has a mini slide out laptop table for a lower typing height The cat likes to lay on the plinth at the top of the stairs so i incorperated some random holes to let the light through and the bottom two are for him to access his favourite spot. I'm stood about halfway down the room here, there is a double bed behind me, so the chimney breast you see in blue.. there is another one at the other end of the room for the chimney on the front of the house... also a massive Velux to let the light in. While i was at it, i made him a little clothing rack on castors for his school uniform, using some extruded metal bar, indudtrial style it's hard to fit wardrobes up the tight staircase. Signature smiley face which i machined into the replacement loft hatch, the old one was a piece of shit tongue and groove chipboard Just painting some shelves which i made from the left over bits of ply ..and there you have it, 10 days well spent!.. well 9 really, i had a day off to go watch sexy Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy .. Just got to go buy a carpet to cover up the patchwork floor and i'll order his new furniture, we sunk all of our dosh into the house move so his current bed, fucked as it is was only £50 from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.. ..and that included delivery!!
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    thanks and will interested to hear: the key differences I could see are thickness of leather (win to r.mocs), precision of leather cutting and stitching (win to yuks) and footbed (r.moc has heel pad addition to interior, yuks have entire footbed extra sole thus making ridge inside toe area between 'true moc construction' and foot: wondering how that works comparatively with immersion of foot in moc {context: I have grown to dislike extra linings and ridges to the interior of footwear; blah blah etc}) ... and then sum ww2 40s styles vintage vest-orslow.ww2.40s-tcb.s40s-[quite dainty]attractions
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    Made myself a new cash belt for the market out of some spare lot 302 denim FW Union Special / FW Bubo / Tender Co. / Yuk’s
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    Keeping it loose with MF and Orslow. Visiting the in-laws and some of my family in Poland. little bit of my Tender belt on display:
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    Carhartt, lee, carhartt, lee, vans
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    And one with jeans from the Hawk's Nest last weekend.
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    I like the denim (from 1998), the quality of the finished product, the colour and the details. These are a once washed pair.
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    Figured since I own both of the more or less popular 501Z repros focusing on the same time period I could compare them a bit, at least fit-wise. First up are the 1955 model by Sugar Cane, made in the USA and all the fixings. Size 33, inseam about 77-78cm. Got them second-hand and the inseam was at about 75cm. Opened up the lockstitch and restitched the hem with my roomies sewing machine, worked more or less good, as I could let out a bit of the folded over fabric to gain some length. Second are the 1954Z, made by LVC, got them a few years ago when the news of Cone shutting down in the US spread, so made probably 2016. Still made in the USA aswell. Size 30, but the waist and rise are about the same as the Canes. Inseam here is 34", nothing shortened and the likes. And as one can easily see the LVCs are almost skin tight compared to the Canes. Both work fine and are mighty comfy, even though they are very different interpretations of essentially the same model. Can't speak about historical accuracy, since I don't have that knowledge, but from what I gathered the Canes are more accurate, as the LVCs are too slim for a 50s model.
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    couple of new LVC shirts. The misted yellow from the “madchester” collection and the black and white one from the latest collection. Found it a bit cheaper on END.com.
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    First time wearing the contests since May. Forgot how comfortable they were/are. Better pics when my photographer returns from vacation
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    Production is all wrapped up on the Nippers N01 jeans so it shouldn't be too long until I have the site up and running And a little update on the same pair
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    I just washed my 1955's. when they get 2 weeks of post wash wear I will show the fades. I wanted to wear my 1920 Sunset Shirt for a job interview but because of some very slight shrinkage in my 1955's, the shirt no longer works with those jeans, it just does a complete muffin top when I tuck it in. (skinny man problems). So I was forced to break out my Lee "50's Rider" 101z as they are a very boxy very high waisted fit which works well with the shirt. one question... does the 1920 Sunset shirt shrink too? I think I will wash it cold..
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    Bit of blue starting to show on the Nippers Production of almost finished so all goes well the site should be up in a few weeks , can't wait to get started