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    The Real McCoys, Samurai s510xx 19oz, Buzz Rickson
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    Only took a few quick snaps so far, but here’s a pair of mid 50’s 501’s. I do love that insane legtwist.
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    warehouse 80's baker pants clarks
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    WTS: J68-PL Raf sz XS $850, or happy to hear trade offers P20-S raf sz S SOLD P10-DS xs $1k++ Both for $1200 WTT: P10-DS SS20 sz XS for your P34-DS sz S in alpha
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    May as well add a similar series of pics for the S506 - more button envy. I’ll try and expand on the graphic I did for the jeans fits and add some other details, then hopefully do similar with the jackets. Anyway
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    placed here for conversational purposes …
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    It’s ok buddy - I know ARCA - doc and I were just engaging in some banter. I appreciate the links tho’ - thank you!
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    @julian-wolf here you go. Two pictures from a higher angle. The asymmetrical pockets aren't that "in your face" At least that's what I tell myself
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    Just walked a lot farther than I intended to—boots are starting to break in (this being maybe their third or fourth day of wear, & their first walk more than a few miles), and they’re a joy to wear Freewheelers / Cane’s / Flame Panda Tender shades
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    Glad to see Garuda getting some love here. Wore the workpants v2 and the simple shacket v1 for much of FW. Worn here with J89-AD
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    boot care day. They were thirsty
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    Atlast co, mr freedom, atlas co, vans
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    I bought one of these (with some matching Chicago screws) And some of this Just to try my hand. Plus I usually wear Tender belts but I find they can be a little too thick for more formal style trousers, and I’d bought a thinner Warehouse belt to give me an alternative but it’s shit (probably just because it’s like tissue paper beside the Tender), so this will be something in between … if it turns out ok
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    We need photos of the front, plus the details like the wonky stitch on the pocket flap and the pleat stitches
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    Finally, got this 60s after 85 days waiting
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    Got Jack a little belt Its from our own @Mr Black
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    Dubbleworks Trophy 1605bk wesco boss
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    @shredwin_206 Just on a little trip to Leavenworth!
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    WTS closet clearance: P31A-DS size XS Black (help mr Fishy to sell): hkd 7800 dhl shipped /worn once condition)/ full packed J1b-gt dust sz S / worn once /hkd 14000 dhl shipped (much lower than original) J83-ws / tried on sz M /hkd 12800 dhl shipped (or to trade with sz S) p37-ds sz S euro 1147 dhl shipped (lower than retail and a rare sz S) SOLD J68-pl sz L /bnwt/ black/ hkd 9500 ems shipped (help Lok to sell) p24a-s / raf /sz S / dhl shipped (SOLD) ALL above are full packed. and dhl shipping are included for Asia, Australia, America, Western Europe. other locations pls specify so I can check the dhl cost, as the shipping cost from DHL is fluctuating WTB SP28-DS GREEN, SZ S OR M, 9.5/10 at least, full packed
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    What I can’t get behind is referring to all those non-dairy milk substitutes as milks There’s nothing milk about an almond beverage or an oat beverage or a rice beverage They taste fine in their own right—why not just call them what they are?
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    Long overdue update on my 1108s. Worn 305 days, washed five times.
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    WTS (to buyers within CONUS preferably but willing to work with international buyers as well): J36-S Night | Medium | 10/10 condition (just tried on) bought last Medium directly from Mothersite | Full Pack | Just looking to make back what I spent (including import fees into US); $2100 shipped within CONUS or I’ll just return to ACR if there’s no interest. J43A-GT | Large | 8/10 condition | Full Pack | $1850 NET (price drop) P35-DS | Small | 9/10 condition | Full Pack | $1100 NET SP28-DS Alpha Green | XS (rare size) | 9/10 condition | Full Pack | $1100 NET P31A-DS RAF Green | XS (rare size) | 9/10 condition | Full Pack | $1100 NET Nike Lunar Force 1 Low Acronym Black White | US7.5 | 10/10 Deadstock | $600 NET [SuFu price] (or buy the only 7.5 on your sneaker reseller’s favorite app for $700 + fees, that’s me ). Too lazy to post on your preferred reselling platform(s), please save me the trouble. Pictures & referrals upon request, thank you.