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    Papa Nui Canoe Club, Freewheelers ‘Round the House’ Tee, Barnstormers Wristwear, Freewheelers Lot 601xx 1951, Chuck 70s
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    Garuda feels like one of those brands that’s a bit known but maybe not known but maybe it is but maybe not… I’ve been wearing a custom pair of one of their current designs the ‘Work Pant’ for about a month now Dry Skin fabric. Doubled up at the knees and seat(generous coverage in that regard). Articulation is equal parts practical and artistic due to the application of proper drape and obvious understanding of the fabric and how it works with the body. The waist has very comfy elasticated panels on either side of the hip bone area. The cuffs are outfitted with bdu style ties for adjustment, which are my only real gripe. They’re a bit finicky to adjust, but give a lot of options for stacking or whatever it’s called now lol. I requested no rear pockets, because I’m spoiled by phone/deepockets, and I prefer the cleaner lines without. I also asked for a hidden outseam pocket on the left leg. In hindsight- I wish I’d asked for it on both legs. It’s implemented so well that it’s almost invisible when not in use. But when in use it’s still barely visible when packed full of shit. The pics below include a pocket stuff of that hidden seam cargo with whatever iteration of Acronym wool cap I currently own, a low profile wallet, and a Leatherman because fuck it. in summation: Garuda kicks ass
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    Or middle aged guys with 300 quid to spend on a flannel
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    back from repairs and right back to working hard
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    Here’s my pair #46 in size 31 raw, washed countless times. They hold their color!
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    Real McCoys Panama shirt Warehouse deadstock blue Alden loafers
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    Cheers for the link, I could feel my money itching to be spent just watching that! Some pics below of a few things I've picked up recently. There's a pair of Lot 1999 in No.0 denim; a pair of Lot 2534 double knee pants in non selvage denim, which I don't think we've seen on this thread before (the selvage Evis model is Lot 2513) ; a pair of Evis work pants that someone has dyed with kakishibu; and a smart Evis duffle bag that's one of the coolest bags I own!
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    wanted to share my 710AA.. it changed my mind about white jeans
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    Hi everyone! I'm wearing CSF because I haven't returned for a while after putting out tcb contest jeans for repair.
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    cuffs finally tore to shreds. now they’re naturally hemmed to length
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    Someone please stop wearing him!!!!!!!! The best fade jeans.
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    Interesting that this pair of made in February 2000 822 Washington State All Seasons Sewing Factory 1873 First 125 0024s should have the price tag of 25,000 yen printed on the label. Over 21 years later they are selling for 44,000 yen.
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    WTT P24a-s Raf size S for a size M
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    Shirt LVC Jeans 60s levis
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    And here's my first attempt at this kind of hole repair. Not perfect but I'm feeling ok about the result.
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    SOLD Selling my TCB 50s size 33. These have been gently washed by hand and air-dried. They were worn around 10 times. They are showing a little bit of wear near the coin pocket from my pocket knife and along the waist from my belt. Waist - 32.5 Inseam - 31.5 $100 + $10 shipping domestic US
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    Anyone want to be late to the game and join the contest with my extra pair, size 32 one wash and hot soaked once, worn under 10x? These are up for grabs! size 32 one wash $200 shipped in the US Inseam-30 Waist pulled tight-16 FR-13
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    runabout goods shirt FW 1943
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    Dubbleworks Trophy 1605bk wesco boss
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    Quick update on my S601's, really enjoying them and the creases are setting nicely. I also just received this Skipper from Yahoo Auctions, brand new with tags. Something completely different for me, I've always really hated on band collars...
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    ^ The fit is interesting in that the hips and thighs are roomy, but the waist comes in -- so warning to older muffintops, myself included. There is tapering below the knee, which is nice. Other than the fact that they're a good-fitting pair of jeans, I'm impressed with the level of custom manufacturing. Again, from FW: "Yes, buttons made of iron are custom manufactured. Rivets as well. For other points… custom-made warp & weft for the fabric, and special cotton threads for sewing is also made only for us. Leather patches, red tabs… every materials for the jeans are custom manufactured. We’re just making them because there’s no satisfactory materials in the market. If they’re available in the market, we’ll buy them and use them. It’s more easy, and it means we can price products much cheaper. Hope you understand that to use custom manufactured materials isn’t absolutely wonderful, amazing thing. To make products which make us (and you!) satisfied is much more important. It is the purpose."
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    Hi Folks, Just checking in with an update. These have just had their 4th wash with 5 months of effective wear. I’ve had to repair the back yoke stitching which can undone otherwise going strong! Love what I’m seeing on here!
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    Damn @JohnM that's an excellent fit! No need to change a single thing
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    But but but Cone Denim takes forever to fade.... My ass. Just gotta work the hell out of it