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    Action shots. Wanted to show the drape of the trousers in motion. Cheap sunglasses Kate's pearls Novelty sweatshirt Bootleg Westwood Seditionaries T Vintage Seiko 5 Vintage Seersucker trousers with vintage nylon D ring belt Vintage Gucci loafers
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    I spent last week in Mexico. The first half of the trip was spent in Mayanalán meeting my girlfriend’s family and then we spent the second half in Mexico City. Hopefully we will be going back often. At my gf’s father land that they use to grow corn. Relaxing and enjoying the view at her parents house. Went to a market in Iguala to get some Consome and Birria In the heart of Mexico City. Our last meal in Mexico City. Barbacoa at Eno. Check out my IG for more food pictures. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9kX-6phey/?utm_medium=copy_link
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    @Duke Mantee, a lot of it is me being a picky bastard. I want what I want. The JWJ jacket would have probably met my want list. I don't like pocket flaps. I like the early pleated style. Most of the available jackets with those details are 1 pocket jackets. The JWJ has the 2 pockets, but it has a seamed center back. I didn't want a seam. I have a Mister Freedom ranch blouse that I love. It has the 2 pockets, one being non flap and the cossack collar. The fit is very good, but not perfect for my level of picky. The Mister Freedom was also a heavier denim, which I love, but I wanted even heavier. So I had to go the custom route to get all of the things I wanted. I found that Ben offered the level of customization I wanted at a reasonable (in my mind) price. Also, with the recent demise of Roy, I feel good about supporting Ben (another 1 man show). I also had some deerskin laying around and wanted to reinforce the normal high wear areas of the jacket. I do intend the wear this jacket a lot.
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    Final detail shots. I sent Ben some deerskin and had him line the cuffs and waistband. Collar is deerskin with duck backing. The jacket will see a lot of wear and these high wear areas will hopefully hold up a long time.
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    No mental breakdowns in the sales thread please. Wtb: J28-WS small P38-E small
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    TCB catboy, Duck Digger 43s
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    graduated yesterday in my sp28’s
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    Well the ^ smock didn't work out , measurements on the site were way off So I've been "trying" to take some product pics for the Nippers webstore and id appreciate your input , I'm next to clueless about photography ( as long as its the right way up its usually fine in my book ) All deadstock vintage 60/70's sneakers Love the sole on this last pair
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    runabout goods Starborn WH ranch high Ryder whites
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    have a nice day! railcar / rgt / arcteryx x2 / kapital / viberg
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    ^ yes to drape ^ yes to books ... but get that drink outa the library!
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    still valid above added: J1B-GT WHITE SZ M , 9/10 ABOVE, FULL PACKED HKD 14176 (GIFT AND DHL SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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    Fancy - I like very much I never found the custom denim thing very appealing - mostly what I’ve seen on IG and the like - but it’s apparent now it really does depend on: 1. Who is wearing it (and that’s a big part of why) 2. The details the owner has incorporated (more of the why)
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    Fw1947/new balance/Lacoste buzz rickson/new balance/Lacoste
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    I’ve posted a slew of photos from longer hikes elsewhere around the state & country, but a big part of why I live where I do is how much access there is to nature just outside town Went for a nice walk this morning before the fog burned off, just around an ~8 minute drive / ~30 minute walk up the hill from my house in one of the regional parks Blackberries & thimbleberries will be coming into season any week now
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    Purse thing aging really nicely—been my main stuff-carrier for the past however long, works great & looks good too
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    After a gentle machine wash
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    WTT J79TS-GT size M con. 9.8 for a size S.. Thank ya’ll!
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    WTS J36-s black sz L 9/10 (comes back as the buyer vanished, hkd 14550 dhl shipped) WTB: S-CP2 RAF SZ M 9/10 or above S-J1A SZ S preferred (at least 9), sz M will be considered if condition is great) J28-E sz S preferred (at least 9), sz M will be considered if condition is great) WTS/WTT: J83-WS SZ M LIKE NEW FOR YOUR SIZE S OR SELL AT euro 1545 net so that I could cash it and to purchase from mother site
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    Yeah, had a couple of versions of this, think the E-J1a had the paclite and the J1a-S had the cotton hood
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    IIRC, that season was a Paclite hood.
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    no, Puma but they do remind me of those OG Airwalks
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    1890s Levi’s 501. 6 months since august 2019. 2 washes and a lot of dirt